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Gibbs Aquada: First Boatmobile You Can (Almost) Afford

Gibbs Aquada: First Boatmobile You Can (Almost) Afford » image 1

UK based Gibbs Technologies, a pioneer in high speed amphibian technology, has plans to bring its high-speed, cool amphibious vehicles to the United States. One of the three companies formed in U.S., the Gibbs Amphibians will be responsible for the sales and marketing of the Aquada that can reach the speeds of 30 mph on water. The door-less Aquada has a powerful four-cylinder, 175-hp V6 engine under its hood. For your info, the design work for the Aquada was started in Detroit in 1997 by a team of over 20 engineers. It was later taken to UK for further development.

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Audi Quattroflex

Audi Quattroflex » image 1?

The basic concept is the capability of transforming the shape of the passenger seats, by using futuristic flexible shape memory materials. The same concept of flexibility applies to the general layout of the vehicle, whose wheelbase can be extended in order to carry large packages or shortened to allow for easy parking.

Audi Quattroflex » image 3

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Mattracks: Tankpedition!

Mattracks: Tankpedition! » image 0

MATTRACKS? system for numerous applications. Some of the more common uses include:
Mattracks: Tankpedition! » image 1

* access to mountain and remote cabins
* snow coaches
* use in construction and maintenance of powerlines and pipelines
* hunting
* timber and logging
* search and rescue
* firefighting
* law enforcement
* mining
* drilling
* surveying
* tourism
* agricultural
* construction
* Antarctic research
* and much more…..

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