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Vacuum Shoes!

Vacuum Shoes! » image 1?

Traipse round the house and clean the carpet at the same time ? genius!
Just going to run the shoe-ver round…

Crafted like a pair of lurid green slippers they?re designed to hoover, sorry, Electrolux up dirt as you shuffle around your gaff.

They?re still at the concept stage, but if the company?s executives have any sense at all they?ll push them into production faster than you can say ?extendible toe nozzle.?

We?d love to scuff round the house sucking up dirt as we go, and while they?re not going to win any fans in the fashion world, we still reckon they?re a cut above your average slip-ons.

Link & Image : t3

1 comment filed    8:40 am    December 17th, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Design, Fashion    Tags: , ,

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