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Extender Elastruck

Extender Elastruck » image 1

This truck fits your life. It’s efficient, clean, tough as they come—and has one big trick up its sleeve. The Extender, a 400-horsepower, all-electric, four-wheel-drive monster (which uses the most powerful DC motors yet devised for the automotive industry), has an adjustable payload bed. When not in use, the bed retracts unobtrusively into the rear of the truck. It extends by way of an electric piston up to a full-size 4×8 bed with thin-but-sturdy armored sidewalls and a structural support system that can handle the toughest terrain and the heaviest loads.

0 comment filed    7:22 am    December 12th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Super Technology Truck

Super Technology Truck » image 01

Super Technology Truck » image 02

Super Technology Truck » image 03

Images : redspot

0 comment filed    8:03 pm    January 21st, 2007     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink   RSS
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