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Toyota 1/X Concept

Toyota 1/X Concept » image 3

Toyota is getting seriously body conscious with its latest fuel efficient concept the 1/X. Taking everything they learned from their highly successful hybrid Prius, Toyota is looking for more ways to squeeze every inch from a gallon of gas possible. This 1/X concept design was built from the ground up with light weight materials, with which they hope to double the Prius’ already impressive mileage ranking. Some interesting choices can be found overhead.

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Toyota’s i-Real

Toyotas i-Real » image 1

oyota recently uncovered a new conceptual personal mobility vehicle called i-Real, at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. The new vehicle can easily change its shape to fit its speed of movement. The i-Real vehicle was developed in order to demonstrate Toyota’s concept for future transportation in crowded environments.

The i-Real is a three wheeler that can operate in two different speeds, each having its own advantages. The low-speed mode is suitable for movement in a pedestrian environment, as the passenger is positioned at eye-level height, while the vehicleis still small enough not to disrupt everyday life. In high-speed mode the vehicle automatically adjusts itself to the quick movement, lowering its center of gravity by lengthening the wheelbase.

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Toyota RiN

Toyota RiN » image 1

Toyota will roll out its RiN Concept, which encourages good posture and helps you to retrain your mood, at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. The Japanese automaker says the golf-cart-like RiN “promotes a healthier well-being.”

The bulky-looking RiN is highlighted by green glass that is said to reduce the infiltration of ultraviolet and infrared light. “(It) makes the surroundings seem brighter and clearer to increase cabin comfort,” Toyota said. Seats are designed to maintain good back posture and there’s an oxygen-level conditioner and pinpoint humidifier as well. Even the headlights are polite. They feature “light distribution control” that takes “into consideration pedestrians and vehicles coming in the opposite direction.”

Toyota RiN » image 8

See more photos after jump…

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