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Scrolling LED Computer T-shirt

Scrolling LED Computer T-shirt » image 1

Light-up your message wearing Scrolling LED T-shirt
Wear your message in red lights with this techie scrolling LED programmable black computer T-shirt.

0 comment filed    7:28 am    October 29th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt

Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt » image 1

Amazing Animated Gaming Fashion

Don’t get too impressed. This was originally supposed to be the “Animated Gears of War Shirt” but by the time we strapped a 360 to the back of the shirt and added a flatscreen to the front it just wasn’t feasible. The test subjects kept falling over, no one liked the car battery power supply duct taped to their leg and don’t even get us started on the price. Timmy (our faithful monkey mascot) suggested a “Barbie Horse Adventures Shirt” and after we pummeled him into submission it was decided that was a bad idea as well. So instead we present to you this fine Animated Retro Table Tennis Shirt. Hey… it’s no third-person shooter with big-ass guns and amazing lighting effects, but it does capture that retro gaming nostalgia you’ve been craving.

0 comment filed    7:39 am    March 13th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Fashion, Gadget    Tags: , ,

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