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Lamborghini Building a New Murcielago Based Supercar

Lamborghini Building a New Murcielago Based Supercar » image 1

Rumours have recently surfaced suggesting Lamborghini is releasing an exclusive new model worth 1 million euros (US$1.6 million). Details are sketchy, but it is believed that only 20 cars will be built, of which only 10 are possibly heading to the US.

Last week a 25% scale model of the car was apparently shown to potential buyers at Santa Monica Airport. Lamborghini is said to be unveiling it in Frankfurt in September but already all 20 are supposed to have been pre-sold, each requiring a US$300,000 deposit, with some hopeful ones even sitting on a waiting list.

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Automotive X Prize $10 Million First 100 MPG Car

Automotive X Prize $10 Million First 100 MPG Car » image 2

More than 30 teams from companies including Tesla Motors and Zap Automotive have signed on for the Automotive X Prize to see who can win a race of 100 mpg (or equivalent) automobiles. The cars can run on a variety of fuels including electricity, natural gas, diesel or unleaded gasoline; they just have to get at least 100 mpg. They also have to complete a long-distance staged race, so the cars will have to be durable as well as frugal. Oh, did we mention they also must be low emission vehicles with a real business plan? Yep, if you don’t have a plan to produce 10,000 units of your entry at an affordable price, you won’t be able to race.

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