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The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar

The 342mph Environmentally Friendly Supercar » image 2

The Acabion GTBO can hit staggering speeds at up to 90 miles per gallon - the sort of fuel consumption you’d be thrilled to achieve in a small, super-efficient diesel car.

Accelerating from 0-224mph in 20 seconds, it will leave any Ferrari standing

Even though the Swiss car can hit almost 350mph, its top speed is limited to 292mph -still far quicker than the world’s current fastest road car, the 253mph Bugatti Veyron.

It also trumps the huge Bugatti’s 16.4litre engine - with a capacity of just 1.4 litres.

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PUMA BIKE » image 3

PUMA Bike: Designed for anti-theft and everyday riding.
How did this design improve life and for whom?:
The Puma Bike is designed for urban mobility - hence urban commuters in general will be the ones benefiting. Small everyday annoyances when riding your bike in town -bringing your heavy security lock, climbing staircases, maneuvering urban obstacles just to mention a few- are what make people discard the bike. Bicycling is a convenient short cut to physical wellbeing and daily exercise and an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to polluting cars. With its integrated folding and ingenious locking mechanisms this newly evolved bike typology addresses the abovementioned annoyances and simply diminishes the hassle of riding the urban environment.

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SeaPhantom : Helicopter Speed At A Powerboat Price

SeaPhantom : Helicopter Speed At A Powerboat Price » image 7

The boat you see here is a 30-foot concept from designer David Borman. He has designed and developed it to be the efficient future of transport. “That Wally powerboat, which I think is $20 million for the 50 footer, it sucks down something like 2,000 gallons of fuel an hour and it only does 70mph. I’ll be using less than a tenth of that amount of fuel going twice as fast.”

0 comment filed    4:51 am    February 9th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Honda’s Extreme Eco-Batmobile

Hondas Extreme Eco-Batmobile » image 1

With a chassis that can be recycled after five years, the prototype Honda Extreme has a modular polycarbonate body which means if you get tired of the look, or it gets scuffed, you can just peel it off and put on something new and different. The modules are also, of course, fully recyclable.

Link & Image :

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Obvio Tribrid Sports Car

Obvio Tribrid Sports Car » image 4?

It’s called a “tribrid” car because it can run on any combination of regular gas/bio ethanol (that’s kinda like french fry grease), natural gas, or electricity. Brazillian designer Obvio is partnering up with supercar maker Lotus (also the builder of the body of the Tesla electric sports car) to develop this roadster which is expected to sell for around $59K if it ever makes it to the US.

Obvio Tribrid Sports Car » image 5

Check more photos after jump…

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