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Leaf AFi 10 Camera 56 Megapixels

Leaf AFi 10 Camera 56 Megapixels » image 1

The Leaf AFi 10 medium format camera falls in the middle of the war over sensor-size with a 56×36mm TWF sensor that cranks out a 56 megapixel resolution across the entire width of the 6×6 sensor area.

This camera is the digital equivalent of what’s called “medium format” in film photography. That format gives you a 350% larger negative for higher resolution and finer detail.

‘True Wide Frame’ sensor
The new Leaf True Wide Frame sensor restores lenses to their full angle of view. Together with DALSA Corporation, Leaf designed the exclusive new 56×36 mm True Wide Frame sensor to deliver 56 megapixel resolution across the entire width of the Leaf AFi 10’s 6×6 sensor area. TWF sensor technology in the Leaf AFi 10 imaging module and Aptus 10 camera back is also compatible with over 80 large-format cameras, maximizing their capture area.

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Hasselblad 50 megapixel H3DII-50

Hasselblad 50 megapixel H3DII-50 » image 2

Hasselblad( announced that they will launch its new DSLR camera ‘H3DII-50′ equipped with 50-megapixel CCD sensor from Kodak. Supporting a 3-inch display and ISO 400, the H3DII-50 is expected to be available in October.

It has been specially designed to meet the most exacting demands of high-end commercial photographers who require the ultimate in both image quality and performance.

H3DII-50 features a 36 X 48mm Kodak sensor twice the size of other full-frame DSLR sensors that generates 300MB files at 1FPS.

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5-megapixel Camera Binoculars

5-megapixel Camera Binoculars » image 1

With the Pro Viewer BinoCam, you’ll always take a crystal-clear shot - no matter how far away the action is! The BinoCam gets you eight times closer to the action, so you will have no difficulty capturing you favorite football receiver make an electrifying catch in the end zone, your favorite baseball star knocking one out of the park, your favorite hoopster burying that 17-footer at the buzzer. Then you’ll view the images on a 1.5-inch full-color LCS screen. But it gets better! This product has been upgraded to include 5.0 megapixels. Also, the BinoCam takes AVI video clips, so you can capture the action, then come home and relive the moment on you computer screen. So take it to the beach and watch the surfers ride the perfect wave. Bring it to the mountains as the skiers swoosh down the hill. Prove to your friends you spotted whales on that last boat trip. Assist the police by snapping the license plate of that vehicle. The BinoCam combines powerful binoculars, a high-resolution camera and a camcorder in one. It’s all you need to catch the action.

0 comment filed    10:32 am    January 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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