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Lite2go Lamp Clear

Lite2go Lamp Clear  » image 2
Lite2go is a new lighting system that eliminates packaging. The packaging itself becomes the shade for the energy saving light bulb and fixture contained within. It is designed to be versatile in use as either a pendant or a table lamp. Unlike other lamps, it includes the electric cord and light bulb so it is a one-step, ready-to-use solution. The lite2go offers surprise and elegance in a simple, low-cost.

Knoend’s Lite2go eliminates packaging waste by making the lamp shade itself the packaging.

0 comment filed    8:13 am    October 2nd, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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B-membrane Laptop/Desktop Hybrid

B-membrane Laptop/Desktop Hybrid » image 5

“B-membrane” design by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee. Some highlights of this Kubrick inspired mother ship computer include a membrane keyboard that appears when needed, integrated optical drive and when not used as a computer, the projector can beam ambient light effects on any surface.

0 comment filed    7:15 am    June 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Light Prose

Light Prose » image 1

With the Light Prose project, SAAZS celebrates this new form of intimacy with light through groundbreaking objects, emblems of this new reality, this new experience that will redefine your daily life.

Essential, fascinating and mysterious, artificial light has gradually turned from its simple “victor over light” status as the first light bulb was invented in 1882 to a sublimating vector of our universe, both unique and part of our daily life.

“Flaq” is a tale of pure light, water and reflection. Of that particular night-time moment, right after the rain has stopped, when water forms tiny lakes reflecting the stars and lights of the city. “Flaq” is a romantic lightpiece, a kind of natural event, a simple magical invitation to reverie.

0 comment filed    6:46 am    June 5th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Portable Opal Light

Portable Opal Light » image 2

Opal is a portable ceramic light that can be used wirelessly in any room of the house. It can be sat on the table, held in the hand or suspended on the string provided. The translucent bone China shell emits a warm glow similar to that of a candle. Opal is one of the Natalie Wilkins designs in 2008.

0 comment filed    7:46 am    May 12th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Lumalive bag

Lumalive bag » image 1

Favourite is an urban style bag that features Philips’ Lumalive textiles which have tiny arrays of LED lights integrated into the fabric. The front of the leather bag features a large piece of crystal mesh able to hold a flexible Lumalive background that can be used to display personalized luminous messages or patterns that are programmed by the user.

See All Video After Jump…

0 comment filed    6:04 am    April 20th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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AirLUCE - Lamps of plastics

AirLUCE - Lamps of plastics » image 5

The light-emitting plastic that make up the airLUCE lamps gives the lamps a interesting shape and almost eerie glow.

AirLUCE - Lamps of plastics » image 6

See full lamp design after jump…

0 comment filed    7:45 am    December 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Hokey Spokes

Hokey Spokes » image 2

What are Hokey Spokes?

Hokey Spokes are unique bicycle safety lights that allow riders to display computer-generated images and text inside the spoke cages while riding at night. Not only are Hokey Spokes fun and interesting, but they also provide important side visibility, which is mostly unavailable in today’s standard bicycle lights.

Hokey Spokes consist of transparent “blades” that attach to your bicycle spokes. As these blades spin during riding, a computer inside the blades modulates the internal LED lights so that design images and text appear.

The user can decide how many spokes they want to place on the bicycle wheel. Up to 6 “Blades” can be placed on each wheel. The more blades, the more visibility and persistence of vision at lower speeds.

Hokey Spokes are designed so that they fit virtually any mountain or road bike with a wheel diameter of 24″ or greater. Hokey Spokes can be used on front and back wheels at the same time.

0 comment filed    10:16 am    December 6th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Apple iLight Concept Flashlight

Apple iLight Concept Flashlight » image 1

Apple fans will most probably rejoice over this special flashlight, but the truth is that the concept isn’t actually made by Apple, and it will probably never get into the mass production mode. Nevertheless, the designer (Miyoshimasato) behind this good looking device, did a good job on the design and simple features.

0 comment filed    8:38 am    December 4th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Wii Light Sword

Wii Light Sword » image 1

Special Features
* Power up & Power down light effect to bring your Light Sword to life
* Uses 22 x ultra bright LED’s
* On / Off button
* Uses 3 x AA Batteries (not supplied)

0 comment filed    7:21 am    November 22nd, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Paperclip Lamp

Paperclip Lamp » image 1

When is a paperclip not a paperclip? When it’s a LED lamp by Teague, of course. As the ubiquitous paperclip lends itself to being picked up and bent, the designers of this lamp, Ben Collette and David Wykes, applied the same tactile approach to the structure of the lamp. See the lamp flat on a table, why not bend it into shape?

0 comment filed    7:17 am    October 18th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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