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Pinel & Pinel Movie Trunk

Pinel & Pinel Movie Trunk » image 1

This fold out home theater system by Pinel & Pinel of France is quite innovative idea. It includes highly acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Beolab 6000 subwoofer, two Beolab 3 speakers, BeoVision 6-26 television, and the DVD1 DVD/CD player.

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Microsoft’s Ultimate Home Theater

Microsofts Ultimate Home Theater » image 1

Microsoft has launched, a new Web site touting the benefits of Windows Vista Ultimate as the center of a home entertainment system.

It gives out a list of components that will make your Home Theater Setup complete, all interlinked to run through Windows Vista Ultimate. Their list of components include an Asus Lamborghini VX25 laptop, a high-definition DVD player along with a Niveus EDGE Media Extender, a McIntosh MX119 A/V Control Center, a customized data center that includes a Niveus Digital Cable Receiver CableCARD Tuner, a Niveus A/V storage server content storage HD, Niveus Pro Series N9 Media Center Server.

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Funky Home Theater

Funky Home Theater » image 1

EVEN though home theaters are often dark, there is that moment when the movie stops, or is paused, and some light is needed. But what kind of light?

If you are lucky enough to have a home theater, most of us would be happy with a projector, surround sound and perhaps a comfy sofa or two. Not so for these homeowners.

Pentagram Architects partner James Biber has designed this home theater in Montauk New York, taking inspiration from Radio City Music Hall and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The theater has a series of round arches, which house 600 five-watt dimmer-controlled light bulbs that provide a soft ambient light for when you need to find that elusive remote control. And as in the Music Hall, the lights are positioned to glow away from the viewers – because we all hate to have lights in our eyes when watching the big screen.

0 comment filed    7:19 am    February 27th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Hi-Can Multimedia Bed Theater

Hi-Can Multimedia Bed Theater » image 1

Italian designer Edoardo Carlino has created Hi-Can, a High Fidelity Canopy that features integrated flaps, ventilation along with a hi-fi system and a screen with DVD player. With blinds, ventilation and lighting, a built projection screen and a full multimedia equipment

0 comment filed    7:16 am    February 21st, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Outdoor Home Theater

Outdoor Home Theater » image 1

The opulent home was designed by the entire team of his Santa Monica-based, 13-member Belzberg Architects that the now 43-year-old Hagy Belzberg founded in 1997.

Outdoor Home Theater » image 2

0 comment filed    7:32 am    February 9th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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In-house Cinema Wins HE’s Installation of the Year Award

In-house Cinema Wins HEs Installation of the Year Award » image 1

A house in Austin, Texas has just been awarded with Home Entertainment’s “Installation of the Year” accolade.
The flamboyant in-house cinema room boasts 24-karat gold gilding details, hand embroidered fabric seats and genuine antique candle holders throughout. That’s nothing compared to the technology behind the flush finish.

See full gallery after jump…

0 comment filed    7:13 am    October 29th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Batman Home Theater

Batman Home Theater » image 1

Batman may have a pretty cool basement, but can he watch movies in it? Pow! Let the Caped Crusader take the Batmobile to the drive-in; this homeowner is putting his basement to good tech use.

Since the homeowner is a Batman fan, complete with an array of collectible figurines from the series, the installer suggested using his interest as a theme. The homeowner loved the idea.

It’s hard to believe that this space had suffered some damage, due to previous flooding. However, the size and ability to control sound and ambient light made this fortress of solitude the perfect theater spot.

0 comment filed    5:28 pm    July 15th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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SONY Delivers DAV-IS10 Big Sound In Micro Home Theater System

SONY Delivers DAV-IS10 Big Sound In Micro Home Theater System » image 2

elivering big sound in a small package, Sony today introduced the DAV-IS10 micro home theater system.

The 5.1 channel home-theater-in-a-box system features five tiny speakers – each about the size of a golf ball. The system, matched with a compact, single disc DVD/CD player/receiver, includes a unique subwoofer that helps the tiny speakers create sounds typically reserved for full size speakers.

While the system features small speakers, it packs all the power of conventional home theater-in-a-box systems with 450 watts of total system power (satellite speakers 50W x 5, plus 2-way subwoofer 100W x 2). The system is specially tuned to deliver a natural sound field that takes the focus off the subwoofer while supplementing mid range and lower frequencies.

0 comment filed    7:17 am    May 26th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Wide-screen Outdoor Theaters

Wide-screen Outdoor Theaters » image 1

For outdoor fun, these Widescreen Outdoor Theaters can’t be beat. These high-quality outdoor screens are perfect for watching the latest blockbuster, playing games, and hosting birthday parties, movie screenings, and family reunions. This all-in-one audio/video system can’t be beat for quality entertainment: Just plug in, point at the wall and presto!

* State-of-the-art, inflatable, high-definition, white vinyl screen inflates/deflates in minutes
* Screen is made of commercial-grade mesh-reinforced PVC
* HDTV compatibility and optimized settings ensure high-definition, widescreen cinema quality
* Padded storage bag and rolling duffel ensure easy transport
* Accessories included are a projector with lens cap, 1.8m composite video cable, 1.8m power cord, D-sub to RCA adapter, IR remote control, user manual, and two AA batteries

0 comment filed    9:48 am    May 9th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Home Theater Watch (2GB)

Home Theater Watch (2GB) » image 1

Imagine what it would be like if you could view your favorite full-length film while in the comfort of your office chair, riding on the train, waiting at the doctor’s office, or even while waiting in line at the coffee shop! Your colleagues will want to share the headphones with you on your next plane ride. Your friends and family will be eager to spend time with you so they can catch a glimpse of the coolest watch on the market: The Home Theater Watch.

0 comment filed    7:24 am    March 3rd, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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