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Yada Hands-Free Cell Phone Holder With Bluetooth Headset

Yada Hands-Free Cell Phone Holder With Bluetooth Headset » image 1

Product Features

* Keeps your hands free while driving
* Easy-to-use, universal mobile device holder
* Comes with ultra-lightweight Bluetooth headset combo
* Auto end, power off, power on, and auto-answer incoming call when headset is removed from cradle
* Talk time up to 6 hours, standby time up to 105 hours

The Yada Hands-Free All-In-One Cell Phone Holder with Bluetooth Headset utilizes Bluetooth technology, allowing you to safely place and receive calls on the road in accordance with the law. Now that most states have recently passed or are considering laws governing cell phone use in vehicles, hands-free devices are increasingly important to those looking to stay connected while on the road.

The Yada Cell Phone Holder adjusts to fit any mobile device, and comes with an ultra-lightweight Bluetooth headset that uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology. It features auto “end”, auto “power off,” and auto “power on” and will also automatically answer an incoming call when the headset is removed from the cradle. The Yada is also VOIP-compatible and has multiple charging and mounting options. Talk time is up to six hours, and standby time is up to 105 hours.

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Hands-free Desk Lips : Speakerphone Moves With Voice

Hands-free Desk Lips : Speakerphone Moves With Voice » image 1

Attach your mobile phone to this fun loudspeaker for your hands-free experience! Talk into the loudspeaker and let your hands wander…draw a picture perhaps! or write an email maybe?! Here’s the best part - watch the lips move as your caller talks!

Includes battery.

Size: 11.2cm x 11.2cm x 10.5cm

Weight: 272g

Link & Image: fabstuff

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Motorola Generic MP3 Sunglass Headset

Motorola Generic MP3 Sunglass Headset » image 2


* Maintains clarity at all angles of vision with maximum protection against the sun, wind and side impact
* Frame material provides comfort for everyday, all day wearing
* The flip up lenses blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and also harmful blue light

Buethooth Function:

* Bluetooth wireless headset technology for wireless communications
* Hands-free wire-free communication up to 10 meters/30 feeet from a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
* Supports headset and hands-free modes
* Embedded noise canceling microphone
* Up to 6 hours of talk time
* Up to approximately 150 hours of standby time
* Bluetooth 1.2 technology which provides for superior call quality with faster connections
* Dual charging capability
Motorola Generic MP3 Sunglass Headset » image 1

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