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The Japanese Crazy TVs!

The Japanese Crazy TVs! » image 15?

HANNSpree, the Taiwanese TV manufacturer that has those incredibly fun and crazy TVs, arrive in Japan via their reseller MIB Japan. Prices are quite affordable for such TVs, between 325.00 and 650.00 euros.
The Japanese Crazy TVs! » image 4

0 comment filed    2:52 pm    December 15th, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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GreenHouse Car Shaped USB

GreenHouse Car Shaped USB » image 2?

The GreenHouse USB ashtray can ?suck? C, for everybody?s convenience! In case of power failure or if your battery is too low, you can continue smoking your cigarette as the ashtray also works with batteries.

0 comment filed    7:23 pm    December 12th, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Gadget, USB    Tags: , , ,

Combo TV/PC Gadget Runs SUSE Linux On P4

Combo TV/PC Gadget Runs SUSE Linux On P4 » image 1

Hong Kong based systems integrator Quataris has updated its all-in-one Pentium 4 based analog TV/PC design. The new Ottimo model, which features an innovative mechanical design, supports processors up to 2.8GHz, comes with 15-, 17-, or 19-inch screens, and is available pre-installed with SUSE Linux.

0 comment filed    9:32 am    December 6th, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Computer, Gadget, Technology    Tags: , ,

Custom-made Gadget Covers

Custom-made Gadget Covers  » image 0?

GadgetSleeves was created by an entrepreneurial college student who understands how important it is to protect your expensive gadgets, and that at the same time it shouldn’t cost you and arm and leg to do so.

0 comment filed    6:44 pm    December 2nd, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Design, Gadget    Tags: , ,

USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher » image 01

The USB Greatest Toy!!!
Feeling bored while working in the office or when nothing to do at home? Let’s have fun with this USB great toy!! It contains 3 foam missiles. You can play a short game with your colleagues to release your working pressure or enjoy it with your family!

0 comment filed    1:02 pm    December 1st, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Gadget, USB    Tags: , , ,

Recycle Bin : Computer Case

Recycle Bin : Computer Case » image 1?

Hi My Dear Readers,
In my previous posts i show you spiderman 3 computer case.
But i found new amazing computer case names trash or Recycle Bin case.
This is cute and new innovative design.Please see full gallery.

0 comment filed    11:31 pm    November 26th, 2006     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Computer, Design, Gadget    Tags: , , ,

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