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Frattini Funky Faucet

Frattini Funky Faucet » image 3

The engaging touch-operated control panel is colorful and clear: it’s so easy to learn how to precisely control your water usage. These are environmentally-conscious times, and as the company states: “water is an increasingly precious resource.” Smart usage of electronic controls makes it possible to save water.

0 comment filed    8:17 am    October 15th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Ladybird Bath

Ladybird Bath » image 2

The Ladybird bath and vanity set was created with lack of space in mind. On the top, you have a vanity with a built in sink yet when you lift the lid of the sink, the Ladybird opens up to a place where you can relax and find comfort while you bathe.

0 comment filed    9:07 am    November 29th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Water Resistant Waterproof TV / Television SPLASH 17.1” Widescreen LCD TV

Water Resistant Waterproof TV / Television SPLASH 17.1” Widescreen LCD TV » image 1


17.1” High Quality LCD Screen.
Touch sensitive Power and Standby button.
Heated screen to prevent condensation.
Water tight seal front and rear to meet all current wet room electrical regulations (IP66).
Compatability with Systemline Modular Local Input.
Simple to install, supplied as a sealed unit so no dust penetration between glass and screen.
Interoperability with Hotel ‘pay per view’ systems.

0 comment filed    7:49 am    November 15th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Euphonia’s Headset

Euphonias Headset  » image 1


Take advantage of this technological breakthrough: Contemporary in design, Euphonia’s headset is wireless and waterproof. Result : quaranteed safety, perfect comfort. Listening to music in your bath is made easy and simple. Pure pleasure, for your ears only.

0 comment filed    7:30 am    November 8th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Glass Bathtub

Glass Bathtub » image 1

Dimension: 68 x 26 x 24
Capacity: 2 persons
This Item

Reg. Price:
$6399 Sale Price:

The Glass Tub sports a sexy look with both sides transparent. It is made of top quality Pilkington glass and stainless steel. The chrome faucet and classic standalone shower apparatus are included with the package. It is shipped in ultra-strong packaging able to fit through all standard doorways.

0 comment filed    7:30 am    November 7th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Hoesch Water Lounge

Hoesch Water Lounge » image 1

Combining the relaxing qualities of a lounger and a bathtub into a single product, an idea so simple and logical, yet never brought to life before - pure genius!

Completely transparent tub side panels rest supported by a metal construction allowing the beauty of this sculptural design to shine. Ergonomically designed acrylic lounger allows you to relax completely while the gentle air bubbles coming from the small gaps in the support massage your body.

1 comment filed    7:01 am    October 14th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Hot-rod bathroom

Hot-rod bathroom » image 1

Artist Tetsuya Nakamura’s Premium Unit Series of curvaceous, luxury bathroom fixtures — a tub, a pair of sinks, a step designed for insertion into a stairwell, and a decorative column — are sculpted from fiber-reinforced plastic and painted with colorful, fluid patterns meant to evoke a sense of speed.

0 comment filed    7:13 am    September 20th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
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Musical Shower

Musical Shower » image 1

If you like listening to tunes while showering, then you probably have a shower radio or stereo in your bathroom. Just imagine a digital MP3 player that detaches from the shower head/speaker. You could load up your favorite tunes and use it like any other MP3 player.

0 comment filed    7:05 am    August 7th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Design, Gadget    Tags: , , ,

Hoesch Sensamare Komplettbad - The Complete Luxury Modern Bathroom

Hoesch Sensamare Komplettbad - The Complete Luxury Modern Bathroom » image 1

The Sensamare Komplettbad from Hoesch combines simple forms into innovative designs for an engaging bathroom with minimalist style. Ovals feature prominently in the Sensamare Komplettbad creating a uniting theme between the pieces. The bath and basin both use the wide oval shape for their exterior forms, but inside they offer straight lines and rectangular vessels. This contrast of curving and linear geometry creates a dynamic tension and distinctive character for the Sensamare Komplettbad. The juxtaposition of contrasting forms is mirrored in the materials of the Sensamare Komplettbad.

0 comment filed    1:33 pm    July 18th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Luxury    Tags: ,

KOSMIC Bathroom.

KOSMIC Bathroom. » image 1

It’s been my observation that people of means (in the U.S. anyway) spend a lot of money on their kitchens, but a comparatively meager amount on their bathrooms. Perhaps this is because bathrooms are not so much on display whereas gargantuan, open kitchens have become the center of the modern home. I’d forego fancy kitchen appliances for one of these Kosmic showers from Italian company KOS. The smaller model has, in addition to a central shower head, four lateral shower jets and five massage jets.

0 comment filed    12:53 pm    January 27th, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   RSS
 Filed in : Design, Luxury    Tags: , ,

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