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Audi O Car Concept

Audi O Car Concept » image 6

The 2008 Audi O concept was designed by Ondrej Jirec, a design student from the Czech Republic who is beginning studies at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2008.

With a built-in 650 GB hard drive and an internet connection, you can download all the music you can ever listen to and what’s more, the Bluetooth system lets you connect to other Audi O cars so that the music being played in your car can be heard on their speakers.

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Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car » image 1

Auto Union Type C pedal car
Paying homage to the bygone era of motor racing

* Audi brings out the Type C again as a pedal car
* Limited-edition collector’s item with only 999 cars built
* Spearheads quattro GmbH’s line of lifestyle articles

A body made from aluminium, handcrafted leather trim and an extraordinary design – the vehicle sends Hubert Waltl, Head of Audi Toolmaking, into a rapture the instant he lays eyes on it: “This car is something really special.” And, indeed, the car in front of him is no ordinary car – it’s the Auto Union Type C pedal car which AUDI AG has brought onto the market as an absolute first. No other car manufacturer offers a pedal car built so elaborately and to such a high standard.

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Audi Quattroflex

Audi Quattroflex » image 1?

The basic concept is the capability of transforming the shape of the passenger seats, by using futuristic flexible shape memory materials. The same concept of flexibility applies to the general layout of the vehicle, whose wheelbase can be extended in order to carry large packages or shortened to allow for easy parking.

Audi Quattroflex » image 3

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