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Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone

Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone » image 2

Check out this concept mobile phone called the Mooon+.
The Mooon+ by Korean Sunman Kwon has a very nice iPhone-like stylish design with a big gorgeous touchscreen, sexy metal accents, and a digital camera.

8 comments filed    5:49 pm    March 8th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Skullcandy iPhone FMJ

Skullcandy iPhone FMJ » image 1

Skull Candy introduces FMJ, a reasonably priced well built , in ear headset that the delivers the bass, and a pretty good microphone too for the iPhone.

Skullcandy’s iPhone FMJ ($80), is an iPhone-specific redux of the company’s device-agnostic Full Metal Jacket, now featuring integrated microphone and control button functionality that enables the in-canal earphones to serve as a telephone call-ready headset for both the iPhone and Blackberry Curve. While the new FMJ won’t be right for everyone, it’s a strong option for users who prefer their music bass-heavy, and want a better than average microphone for their calls.

0 comment filed    7:13 am    March 5th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 Touch-Screen PDA Phone

ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 Touch-Screen PDA Phone » image 1

the ZX1 Lamborghini PDA phone by ASUS looks and acts much like the iPhone. Italian auto manufacturer Lamborghini is releasing their own touch-screen phone, which is speculated to look and act very similar to the Apple iPhone.

The ZX1 Lamborghini PDA phone will be made by ASUS who will unveil the luxury gadget in Germany later this month at the CeBit tech show.

0 comment filed    7:17 am    March 4th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Goldstriker 24ct gold Apple iPhone 16GB

Goldstriker 24ct gold Apple iPhone 16GB » image 1

Absolute stunning phone,struck .999 hardened 24ct gold. Parts adourned in gold inc front full surround and 3/4 of the rear revealing a total mirror finish. Unlocked to all U.K and overseas networks except 3. Now with 1.1.3 Firmware.Price is £899.95.

0 comment filed    3:43 pm    February 29th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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The Bluetooth Earpiece Brooke Shields

The Bluetooth Earpiece Brooke Shields » image 1

Eva Longoria Parker and Brooke Shields are said to have this Bluetooth earpiece (in black) by Plantronics. Set to make their debut this April, the “Discovery 925″ feminine earpieces are comfortable, lightweight and much more sleeker than your average Bluetooth headset. The first three colors to be released will be black, gold and magenta, with nine more to follow, and they will be priced at $149 each. Also included is a stylish charging case for wireless on-the-go charging capabilities.

0 comment filed    7:22 am    February 27th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Nokia Morph Concept

Nokia Morph Concept » image 4

Nokia’s morphable, meltable, shape-shifting nanotech display. Concept.

Nokia’s new Morph concept phone would use nanotechnology to give it a flexible body with a transparent display that could be re-shaped depending on the user’s needs, a far cry from today’s solid and chunky devices. Even the electronics inside it would be transparent and flexible, so the whole phone may be twisted and stretched into bracelet shapes or tablet form, and nanotech cleverness means it would even clean itself.

0 comment filed    6:55 am    February 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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SoftPhone Concept

SoftPhone Concept » image 1

Imagine a phone made from cotton. Soft, pliable, and light yet never compromising on power or performance. The Soft Phone concept by designer Qian Jiang takes what we know about electronic cellulose structures and squeezes every last ounce of performance out of it, literally!

The Soft Phone concept by designer Qian Jiang. A soft, squeezable phone that can take a beating inside my jeans or wallet and still be good. The Soft Phone is constructed of a series of discs with electronic fabric stretched in between. The cell antenna, battery, camera, and micro electronics are all contained and protected inside a small clip which itself is made of soft, squeezable, stress-reducing silica. So when your boss or wife shouts at you in a call, you can just squeeze the phone to relieve your stress.

0 comment filed    6:48 am    February 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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BluAlert Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband

BluAlert Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband » image 3

BluAlert wants to put an end to you missing phone calls due to meetings, loud environments where you can’t hear your phone ring, and those annoying moments when you can’t actually find your phone even if you can hear it ringing.

The self-explaining BluAlert Vibrating Bluetooth Wristband makes sure you do not miss a call or leave your phone behind by making sure you feel the vibration on your wrist.

0 comment filed    7:32 am    February 24th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Nubrella: Hands Free Umbrella

Nubrella: Hands Free Umbrella  » image 2

Nubrella is no ordinary umbrella, it stops rain, wind, snow and extreme cold- and keeps your head, face and shoulders drier than ever. It offers more protection, guaranteed!

Yet, nubrella went one step further and is changing the game forever. With nubrella’s new patent pending “shoulder straps” and “offset handle” you can now be completely hands free!

click here to find hands free umbrella on ebay

0 comment filed    7:38 am    February 23rd, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Bellperre Luxury Mobile Phones

Bellperre Luxury Mobile Phones » image 1

Bellperre, the luxury mobile phones manufacturer who hit the headlines earlier with its new line of cellphones being marketed as 0-percent plastic is up with its new collection. The collection features handsets made of premium leather, steel, gold, hardwood and other fine material. And, the choice is not limited just to the collection.

2 comments filed    7:27 am    February 23rd, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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