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Chanel Perspex Briefcase

Chanel Perspex Briefcase » image 1

Chanel is one of those luxury brands, that always stuck to their classic aesthetics over the years, while also showing some great innovation.

Karl Lagerfeld never misses an opportunity to surprise. This week in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld presented a poised, elegant and mostly black take on power suiting for Chanel that included this fantastically witty take on the working gal’s briefcase.

0 comment filed    12:12 pm    March 26th, 2009     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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SH-R300 Road Gold Shoes for Olympic Champion

SH-R300 Road Gold Shoes for Olympic Champion » image 1

Olympic champion points race, Marianne Vos (DSB cycling team) receives special made gold SH-R300 Custom Fit road shoes. “These gold road shoes are a reminder of a great race in Beijing. I hope to get some extra morale! Anyhow for next year I will be 100% focused, of course with the support of Shimano,” said Marianne Vos.

The SH-R300 Custom Fit shoe is a top-level road shoe with Shimano ‘s Custom Fit technology. This road competition shoe combines the three most important properties of a competitive racing shoe: Stability, Rigidity and Light Weight.

Shimano’s Custom Fit technology is probably the most advanced power transfer today.
This feature will raise the performance level of a vast number of riders, from demanding Professional competitors to all other serious cyclists.

0 comment filed    8:09 am    November 8th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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DreamDive Sleeping Aid

DreamDive Sleeping Aid » image 3

Designed by Mario Weiss and his team, the Dreamdive is a fashionable sleeping aid for commuters. It provides an intimate space in which you could take a catnap in public without embarrassment.

0 comment filed    9:04 am    October 21st, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Lisco USB Snake

Lisco USB Snake » image 4

With the Lisco USB Snake by Laurent Hongisto, just slap the USB snake on your wrist and not only will you look fashionable, but you will also never have to go searching for your USB cable again. Resembling the ever stylish slap bracelet of the 90s, this USB snake is covered in a silky and soft polyurethane material making the cable stylish and comfortable enough to wear on your wrist.

1 comment filed    6:29 am    August 10th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Design, Fashion, Gadget, USB    Tags: none

Nat-2 Transformable Sandals Shoes

Nat-2 Transformable Sandals Shoes » image 1

Nat-2’s transforming shoe - an interesting idea. Nat-2’s new transforming shoe could help save time deciding what shoe to wear. The Nat-2 design looks like a regular pair of canvas shoes, similar to popular designs by the Converse brand.

But when you want to give your feet a bit of fresh air you can unzip the sole to reveal a pair of sandals.

1 comment filed    7:11 am    August 6th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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The Divina sofa

The Divina sofa » image 1

The Divina sofa by Fabio Novembre for Driade incorporates the silhouette of a reclining woman on the actual piece. Tufted black leather over a stainless steel frame and stuffed with polyurethane foam.

0 comment filed    6:37 am    August 3rd, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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The Peach Backpack

The Peach Backpack » image 2

Funny backpack, dubbed as the Peach was designed to carry the shape of the naked back and butt of a lady. The backpack the design by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang.

The designer felt it necessary to tell us that he is like totally into chicks see.. and that he thinks a girls “bum” is like really erotic. The designer says: “For Peach I used mannequins, I decided to use human like display forms and breathe new life into them to add a sense of fun to an otherwise spiritless form. I used the discarded lower torso of a female mannequin and combined it with something unrelated”.

0 comment filed    6:36 am    July 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Fashion    Tags: , ,

Backpack Bicycle Concept

Backpack Bicycle Concept » image 1

With the rise of environmental issues and a willingness to find solutions to relieve congestion on our city centres, designer planchent increasingly on the development of auxiliary folding bikes, with varying degrees of success. You might have seen foldable bicycles that can be stored away nicely, but I bet you haven’t thought of a backpack bike.

0 comment filed    1:09 pm    July 12th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Design, Fashion, vehicles    Tags: none

Wire Button Headphone Cable

Wire Button Headphone Cable » image 1

The “Wire Button” by Jaehyung Hong untangles your headphone cables for your listening pleasure and looks subtle enough to avoid being branded a gadget geek.

1 comment filed    7:15 am    May 24th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
 Filed in : Fashion, Media, Technology    Tags: none

Philips Blood Pressure-Sensing Underpants

Philips Blood Pressure-Sensing Underpants » image 1

Blood pressure is not hard to measure, but the necessary equipment for clinically accurate measurements – a cuff, a pump, and stethoscope or electronics – is bulky and heavy.

Philips, the electronics giant has recently filed a patent for blood-pressure sensing underpants which can be calibrated to give accurate readings whenever they are worn. The technology makes use of “pulse wave velocity” - pulse waves generated when the heart pumps which then moves through the blood circulatory system. The researchers have found pulse wave speeds correlate to blood pressure.

0 comment filed    6:23 am    May 20th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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