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Archive for ' August, 2010 '

PlayStation fans coffee table

PlayStation fans coffee table  » image 01

the Playstation controller coffee table is an Industrial Technology project made by Mark M.
he made the whole controller out of Plywood, MDF and Veneer on Veneer. he used the MDF for the R and L legs and the Veneer on Veneer for the 2 analogue joysticks as the 6mm Bendy Plywood wouldn’t bend around such a small diameter. To bend around the Handles he used 6mm Bendy Plywood. To give the finish of the playstation controller coffee table he used polyurethane full gloss finish. I used White gloss for the whole controller and the Black gloss for the Buttons.

5 comments filed    11:10 pm    August 24th, 2010     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink  
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Duffy London - Runner Table

Duffy London - Runner Table » image 04

The runners run the length of the table, falling off the edge to become the legs.
By combining the thin steel legs with a substantial walnut table top it gives a look of real weightlessness and buoyancy as if the table top is floating, and the runners just drape from the sides.

2 comments filed    11:20 pm    August 23rd, 2010     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink  
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filter the water as you drink with Water Bobble

filter the water as you drink with Water Bobble » image 01

the Bobble is a water filtering that is reusable and affordable. It’s made from recycled plastic and it’s now available on green stores. so put tap water, drinking fountain water, etc in there, and suck it out filtered! The bottle is designed by Karim Rashid.

1 comment filed    11:34 pm    August 22nd, 2010     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink  
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Arc Touch Mouse - a new mouse from microsoft

Arc Touch Mouse - a new mouse from microsoft » image 02
Microsoft is about to release a new mouse based on its BlueTrack advanced optics technology.

0 comment filed    9:30 pm    August 21st, 2010     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink  
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children door - minjjoo

children door - minjjoo » image 01
minjjoo childrens door is a smaller door integrated in a regular sized door.

The minjjoo children’s door makes the little ones feel big. Via the small door children have access to their own room and their personal world…

1 comment filed    5:32 pm    August 20th, 2010     posted by : Mahmood    Permalink  
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