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Cowon S9


Cowon S9 » image 2

This 3.3-inch media player features an AMOLED capacitive touch panel display that spreads 16 million colors across 480 x 272 pixels. Inside you’ll find a 500MHz dual-core CPU, T-DMB digital television tuner, Bluetooth, FM radio, TV-out, and G-Sensor accelerometer.

Cowon S9 » image 1

The choice of materials on the S9 may bear some passing resemblance to its Apple competitor, but Cowon has also set it apart in a few distinct ways. Most significantly, the curved back plays with dimensions in a way few manufacturers have thought to try so far. The arc draws the eye away from the player’s plain rectangular top profile and more to the side, where the player looks like a sliver shaved off an enormous wheel of chrome. It’s simple, smooth, and – we expect – should reduce the pocket-poke-through factor of a traditional brick-like design.

Cowon S9 » image 3

Inside, the S9 gets more computational fortitude than yesterday’s laptops from a dual-core 500MHz CPU, and the feature-set to match, including a full Flash-based user interface, music, movie, picture and document capabilities, and even TV output. There’s also an accelerometer for games and other possibilities like gesture-based controls, plus Cowon’s feature-laden JetEffect equalizer, dynamic dictionary, Bluetooth, FM tuner, voice recorder, and T-DMB digital TV capability for regions that support it.


* Dual Core 500MHz Processor
* 3.3″, 480 x 272 16m colour Amoled Display
* Capacitive Touchscreen
* Flash UI
* TV Out
* 40 hours audio Battery life
* Dynamic Dictionary
* Bluetooth
* “G-Sensor”
* BEE, Jet Effects and Customisable EQ


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I am bookmarking this asap! Thank you very much ;)

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