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Niagara loudspeakers by Waterfall Audio


Niagara loudspeakers by Waterfall Audio » image 1

The 15mm Diamond Glass cabinet is sure to be the center attraction in your listening room.

Other parts are made from hand-stitched Nappa leather while others are machined from solid aluminum.

The claimed frequency response from the three-way design is 36 Hz all the way up to 28,000 Hz.

Niagara loudspeakers by Waterfall Audio » image 2

The glass horn tweeter takes 10 hours to make, and is crossed over to the two 7-inch midrange drivers at 1,500 Hz.

At the bottom is a downfiring 8.26-inch woofer.

Niagara loudspeakers by Waterfall Audio » image 3

In a world of wood veneers and solid paint colors, the Niagara stands apart.

PRICE: $53,000/pair


The new Niagara is an imposing Diamond Glass tower of sound. The unique design offers exceptional sound quality, as it plays, the music comes alive.

An absolute superlative in every respect, an original work of art, Niagara, will transform your interior into a Concert Hall. Impressive, elegant, stylish and using the finest quality materials Niagara encompass all the knowledge, dedication and experience acquired by Waterfall in the last 10 years.

Initially designed as a ’Concept’ speaker Niagara is the showcase of research, development and technical achievement at Waterfall. We have finally decided to take on the challenge to include it in the production line despite the complications in the manufacturing process.

The entire enclosure is made in 15mm thick Diamond Glass.

The Masterpiece Glass Horn itself undergoes more than 10 hours of intense machining and hand finishing. Some of the technical parts of the Niagara use high quality pure Nappa leather and are hand stitched by a fine leather upholsterer in pure French luxury goods tradition. A number of mechanical parts are machined from a solid aluminium block.

All of these specially crafted parts are then combined to create a Unique object, ultra exclusive, and of timeless beauty.

Niagara is designed and built as two separate enclosures acoustically isolated from each other in order to achieve the most natural sound reproduction with an impressive detailing.

• The Glass horn tweeter is mechanically decoupled from the main enclosure and is equipped with its own crossover. Its characteristics give the speaker a very open, luminous, detailed, natural and totally refined high mid range.
Frequency range: 1500Hz to 28 000 Hz (+/-3dB).

• The main bass/midrange enclosure uses our Acoustic Damping Tube technology ( ADT ) together with two custom designed and built Atohm 18cm Drivers located at the front of the speaker. The bottom panel houses a 21cm Atohm ultra low frequency passive bass driver in a down firing position to extend bass frequencies.
Frequency range: 36Hz to 1500 Hz (+/-3dB).


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One Response to “ Niagara loudspeakers by Waterfall Audio”
Joe Bai @ home theater picture Says:

Very interesting and very neato, the speakers look so very smashable.

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