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Logitech’s MX Air


Logitech’s MX Air  » image 3

The MX Air works both on the desk and air. Similar to the way people use a remote to control a television, when holding the MX Air mouse, you can now lean back and relax while navigating the computer and enjoying media content. If you’ve played with Nintendo’s Wii, the technology is near identical.

Aesthetically the MX Air is sleek and unlike any other Logitech mice. It’s devoid of intricate curves for thumb rests and the like. Instead, it follows the “less is more” mantra. The aerodynamic slope makes the MX Air appear to fly, which is the point since it contains gyroscopes to work in the air. The top surface is made of shiny plastic; the belly is plated in metal. There’s an on/off switch just above the optical sensor to conserve power and the whole thing is wireless.

Logitech’s MX Air  » image 2

In use, the MX Air performs like most other Logitech mice. It’s accurate and smooth. It comes with Logitech’s SetPoint software to program a myriad of buttons. It can navigate web pages, launch applications, and control your music player with dedicated play/pause and volume buttons. The left and right mouse buttons are tactile and the scroll bar is touch based.

Logitech’s MX Air  » image 1

Perhaps the coolest part is the ability to pick up the mouse and use it like a pointer or remote. It’s not the first gyroscopic mouse on the market but Logitech is hedging its bet on design and multimedia users. My favorite feature are the volume controls. Hold the mouse like a remote, press the volume button and flick your wrist to the right and left to raise or lower the volume.

Logitech’s MX Air  » image 4

Specifictions :

* Sleek modern design. Definitely stands out as a show piece.
* Innovative Freespace controls allow the mouse to work off a surface flawlessly.
* Gyroscopes help the mouse work held sideways.
* Pointer cursor is bigger than usual to make using from a distance easy.
* The dedicated music controls make it perfect as a remote for your computer.
* Decent battery life. Atleast 3 days worth before recharge. Comes with an equally sleek base.
* Included SetPoint software is powerful. Easy to customize mouse functions.
* Fully Windows XP/Vista compatible.

Logitech’s MX Air  » image 5


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