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Sony’s ODO Twirl n’ Take Camera


Sony’s ODO Twirl n’ Take Camera » image 3

Sony released the newest gadget in their Odo line of green products - the Twirl n’ Take camera - a digital camera that is powered by kinetic energy! Roll the head for 15 seconds in order to generate enough energy to take a picture.

Sony’s ODO Twirl n’ Take Camera » image 2

Resembling a magnifying glass or flower, the Twirl n’ Take’s rolling head provides power by transforming kinetic energy into electricity.

Sony’s ODO Twirl n’ Take Camera » image 1

As an extension of the Twirl n’ Take’s floral form, Sony decided to create a cute flowerpot to act as the camera’s docking station. In addition to its battery-free design, the camera is composed of biodegradable vegetable-based plastics.


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leave a response    6:46 am    September 14th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : Design, Digital Camera, Photo, Technology    Tags: , , , , ,
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