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Murasaki-bot MP3 Player


Murasaki-bot MP3 Player » image 4

she’s a bot with an mp3 player tucked inside, It’ll also draw you deeper into the story with subtle movements and how its styled after a Japanese noblewoman (such as Murasaki herself), with a kimono, traditional headress and a fan it’s able to hide up its sleeve. and she even makes subtle movements to go with the tale!

The ‘bot only speaks in Japanese and it’s not available for sale from Robo-Garage’s US affiliate, as Lady Murasaki is only a prototype at the moment.

Murasaki-bot MP3 Player » image 2

A MP3-player is stashed in to empower Murasaki to narrate her story. The makers have used the robot processor (VS-RC003HV) as it ran successfully in their previous creations. The Robo-lady is made from plastic and aluminum and is yet to drop the tag of a Prototype.

Murasaki-bot MP3 Player » image 3

Murasaki-bot MP3 Player » image 1

Murasaki-bot MP3 Player » image 5

Murasaki-bot MP3 Player » image 6


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leave a response    6:35 am    August 2nd, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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