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Archive for ' July, 2008 '

The Future is Near

The Future is Near » image 1

The future is near and a great digital artist shows us how he imagines it with technology in real life.

this portfolio is a kind of overview of what one should expect in the near future. Blutsbruder Design includes in its “Advertising” some interesting work on gadgets could very soon be fully integrated into our everyday lives, ranging from glasses with a wealth of information on the interactive map, everything is possible.

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Honda PUYO

Honda PUYO » image 1

Honda PUYO is a Japanese word that embodies the tactile traits of this unique car. Honda PUYO is meant to convey all that is warm and friendly, and put a smile on the face of users and pedestrians.

The PUYO, an environmentally friendly concept car designed by Honda, is just as green as it is, well, cute. The concept vehicle is ultra-efficient, powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, and a unique aesthetic to boot. The Honda PUYO will officially be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month.

Its shape was designed to be both as minimalist and as efficient as possible. Indeed, by far the most striking feature of this vehicle is the rather odd ’seamless soft box’ shape. The body of the vehicle is made of soft materials, which Honda refers to as a ‘gel body’. This body is meant to promote greater real-world safety. Furthermore, the gel body is of a luminescent nature, it lights up!

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O2 Po2rty + Paradise Oxygen Music Workstation

O2 Po2rty + Paradise Oxygen Music Workstation » image 1

Po2rty + Paradise, this combination intends to make the best of both de-stressing technique, feeding yourself with music and aroma therapy oxygen together that can do wonders beyond expectations.

All set to infuse more life into your stressed out lifestyle, it seems to declare that music can’t alone rejuvenate your strained souls.

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The Scorpion Eco-Exotic Car

The Scorpion Eco-Exotic Car » image 1

Blending the world of exotic cars with eco-friendly fuel solutions …

Austin-based automotive design and manufacturing company Ronn Motor’s has built the Scorpion; a hydrogen fuel injected hybrid.

The vehicle utilizes new ‘hydrogen on demand’ technology, which, simply put, generates water from the inbuilt tank, turns it into hydrogen and then injects this into the car’s system.

Not only does this approach allow fuel mileage to increase by between 20 to 40%, it also reduces carbon emissions to nearly zero. Couple this with its exclusive styling, and the Scorpion is sure to be a strong contender in the exotic performance car segment.

2 comments filed    5:06 pm    July 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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X-Watch by Damian Kozlik

X-Watch by Damian Kozlik » image 2

Designed by Damian Kozlik this funky time piece called the x-watch is his concept at a universal time piece that can be used by the sighted and blind.

“X - watch” is universal and integrating L.E.D. timepiece. It can be used by sighted and blind people. Watch case and straps can be made of rubber. Dial is compounded of Leds. Mechanism of the watch (IC board) is placed under them.

How blind people can use it? It’s simple. It’s just to move a finger along the graduated watch glass. There are extruded Braille numbers. When a person touches highlighted panel hears a sound.

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The Penta lamp

The Penta lamp » image 1

Italian designer Luca Casarotto’s Penta pendant lamp was developed during a Foscarini Lab workshop. The lights intensity can be adjusted depending on your mood with sliding flat shades made from a recycled polyethylene.

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The Peach Backpack

The Peach Backpack » image 2

Funny backpack, dubbed as the Peach was designed to carry the shape of the naked back and butt of a lady. The backpack the design by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang.

The designer felt it necessary to tell us that he is like totally into chicks see.. and that he thinks a girls “bum” is like really erotic. The designer says: “For Peach I used mannequins, I decided to use human like display forms and breathe new life into them to add a sense of fun to an otherwise spiritless form. I used the discarded lower torso of a female mannequin and combined it with something unrelated”.

0 comment filed    6:36 am    July 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Sidekick Phone and Sony PSP Slim in One Device

Sidekick Phone and Sony PSP Slim in One Device » image 1

Samuel Lau has designed a concept gadget that includes the features of both these devices. Looks pretty decent and features a 3.2 megapixel cam round back, full frontal webcam action and the most notable aspect. a slide-up QWERTY keyboard!

Lau is seriously considering selling the idea to Sony and God knows it can just become a reality too! Of course he’s also asking for a C$50,000 to fund his education and is hoping that Sony like his idea and shell that out for his school fees.

7 comments filed    6:27 am    July 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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“Costume” Samsung 2.5? Hard Drive

Costume Samsung 2.5? Hard Drive  » image 1

Designer Joongoo Lee has dreamt of this Samsung Costume 2.5? hard drive concept that takes its inspiration from a ladies make-up compact located in most hand bags. Fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand (not that hard drives need to be in the palm of your hand).

0 comment filed    6:15 am    July 26th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean » image 1

Did you know that the average computer keyboard is proven to accumulate more germs than a public toilet? This Cyber Clean is a viscous slime that you roll around on your keyboard, so that all the food particles and fingernail parings are swept away.

Cyber Clean compound sinks into crevices. Captures dirt and kills germs. Did you know that the average computer keyboard is proven to accumulate more germs than a public toilet? Now there’s a Swiss solution that can help protect your vulnerable electronic devices, not to mention your health! Truly revolutionary, Cyber Clean’s patented formula uses a combination of viscosity and elasticity to sink right into cavities, absorbing dirt and other residues whilst killing germs on the surface. Simply press on the surface of keyboards, cameras, keypads etc for instant results. 500g pot.

0 comment filed    3:05 pm    July 24th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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