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SOQI Bed Total Health Spa


SOQI Bed Total Health Spa  » image 3

Relax, heal, rejuvenate, detoxify and oxygenate! The SOQI Spa Bed does all these things for you. Whether in perfect health or dealing with minor to severe ailments, the SOQI Bed (SO means Solar, QI means Life Force Energy) is for everyone in all walks of life and settings.

SOQI Bed Total Health Spa  » image 2

The unit features three Hothouse domes, an Electro Reflex Energizer and a Far Infrared Heating Pad that uses the principles of Far Infrared cellular healing and detoxing energy to help your muscles relax, detoxify, regenerate and de-stress.

SOQI Bed Total Health Spa  » image 1


a) SOLAR ENERGY - Three Far Infrared Hothouse domes for intense relaxation and healing. Far Infrared creates heavy detoxification, tissue regeneration (skin damage and problems) and improved blood circulation. Clears pain, swelling and inflammation, as well as sinus, allergies and asthma problems. Excellent therapy for cancer patients. Expediates healing.

b) MOTION ENERGY - One original Sun Ancon Chi Machine for oxygenation, detoxification (via the Lymphatic System), internal massage, spinal alignment, relief and dissipation of back pains and muscular pains, improved blood circulation, accelerated metabolism, lymph drainage and steady weight loss if used on a consistent daily basis.

c) SPECIFICATIONS and PRICE - Massage table with one remote control panel and built-in CD player for relaxing healing music - Storage shelf - Bed skirt - Hothouse insulation curtains - Hothouse risers and armrests - One remote control control panel.

Whether in perfect health or dealing with minor to severe ailments, the SOQI Bed is for everyone in all walks of life and settings. From housewives and business men to gym enthusiasts, professional athletes, children, the physically challenged and the elderly. Many people suffering from terminal illness such as cancer or any severe total body dysfunction also opt for this complete treatment. There are no side effects involved, no pain, no needles and no medication. Simple, natural, safe, non-toxic, therapeutic, alternative healing, for health, fitness and wellness.


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