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Rocket Helicopter


Rocket Helicopter » image 2

The idea is not new, it was in the 40’s that the idea was proposed by the Austrian Paul Baumgartl and later by others that tried to fly with internal combustion engines but the lack of a powerful engine put this project in the dreams file, even nowadays the most powerful engines are the most unreliable, the two stroke engines, with three in-flight engine failures flying gyrocopters.

Rocket Helicopter » image 1

By using tiny rocket motors at the tips of the rotor blades, the Libelula eliminates the torque which makes a tail rotor necessary in a conventional helicopter. This in theory makes it much more reliable, which is a good thing when you’re hanging from a backpack a few hundred feet above ground.

Rocket Helicopter » image 3

The best of this technology is that this kind of helicopters don’t need a tail rotor because they don’t have any torque, so with a simple vane they can turn being the simplest form of an helicopter and the easiest and safer to fly.

Rocket Helicopter » image 4

Because 80% of the helicopter accidents are blamed to tail rotor failure that is most of the times fatal.

Rocket Helicopter » image 5

Rocket Helicopter » image 6


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One Response to “ Rocket Helicopter”
Tim Says:

looks pretty fun, not anywhere over a hundred feet or so though! sketchy!

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