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9X Media X-Top™ Dimension Multi-Panel 15 LCD Moitor


9X Media X-Top™ Dimension Multi-Panel 15 LCD Moitor » image 1

9XMedia offers you to spread your horizons as much as you can think of with their multi-screen display systems that are expandable and customizable. Their catalogue (featured here is a 15 screen multi-display) includes up to 30-screen triple row scalable ergonomic multi-monitor display solution available with customized Multi-screen servers and optional upgrades and software.

The X-Top Scalable Multi-Screen Display System made it’s debut in 2001 at the Siggraph tradeshow in Los Angeles, California. It quickly became the gold-standard of Multi-Screen desktop displays and today it continues to define and set the standard for multiple monitor innovation.

The X-Top’s expandable and ergonomic patent-pending structure enables 1000’s of configurations ranging from 1 to 3 rows with 2 to 64 integrated screens. Our SlimLine LCDs feature world-class specs in the world’s only display designed to dramatically enhance Multi-Screen tiling and viewing.

X-Top Dimension Features:

* ErgoView Flexible, 9X designed ergonomic patent-pending positioning. Easy adjustment and a perfect and convenient fit for PC keyboards.
* Mix & Match Screen sizes - Easily Combine Landscape & Portrait Mode - Achieve your perfect X-Top Multi-Screen choosing from 15″ to 40″ screens and then position in Landscape or Portrait Mode - Always Easily upgradeable & Expandable
* Easy - Rotation & Flexible Swing-Out Collaborative Positioning - Rotate from Landscape to Portrait mode in seconds. Easily swing out screens latterally to share information with a second user or a group
* Expandable & Customizeable 1 to 3 rows of 2 to 64 screens in 1000’s of configurations
* Full Warranty support by 9X Media: 2 years on SlimLine & Lifetime on Structure of X-Top Extreme Series
* Proudly Designed and Machined in the USA of the finest materials: The X-Top is elegant and powerful.
* SlimLine LCDs World-class specs, World’s only Multi-Screen tiling LCD.
* The X-Top Multi-Screen is featured on CSI NY and used by customers including The Boston Red Sox, NASA, Boeing, Seattle Seahawks and Lockheed Martin


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leave a response    6:29 am    May 3rd, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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