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Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed


Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed » image 1

The Spa-Jet™ is a revolutionary concept, creating a true SPA in only 2m2 and offering your clientele the best of SPA technology in response to the problems and needs of modern life.

It offers an ultra-functional space for wellness, total balance and body treatments. The Spa-Jet™ brings a real improvement for body and skin care, thanks to the spectacular results of Hydrofusion™ - the innovative association of far infrared heat and steam sauna.

The Spa-Jet™ is stunning in design and provides the perfect spa environment that is easy to use.

Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed » image 2

Spa-Jet™ combines the breakthrough concept of Hydrofusion™, the blending of 2-heat technologies – steam and far infrared heat with true hydro-massage therapy, via Vichy shower and under-body water massage, creating an unparalleled spa experience. With the enrapturing sensation of the advanced LED based Colorbath™ Chromotherapy System, mixing mood with aromatherapy and sound, Dermalife™ Spa-Jet™ allows you to offer an invigorating and blissful collection of skin, face and body care treatments while enhancing the best traditional spa services.

Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed » image 3

And it not only renders just relaxation but you can also enjoy other benefits like Weight loss, Cellulite Reduction Anti-aging, due to additional features like electro stimulation, vacuum suction, pressotherapy. It comes with a LCD screen that enables you or your therapist to select from an array of programs ands options.

Spa-Jet Hydro Therapy Massage Bed » image 4


Weight: 120kg
Height (closed): 102 cm
Height (open): 213 cm
Length: 230 cm
Width: 90 cm
Power requirements: 230-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Amperage: 15 A
Required water pressure: 2-3 bars
Drain: 40 mm (tube)


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And it´s a nice picture, too :)

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