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MonoTracer » image 1

The MonoTracer is built by vehicle and engine construction company Peraves, and rolls off the factory floor starting at $82,350. Basically, MonoTracer is an advanced version of the normal bikes. A cabin mounted on a bike and the drag gets minimized to a great extent, making MonoTracer highly effective at achieving high speeds and greater levels of safety.


Self-supporting composite-monocoque made from glass-, kevlar- and carbon
tissues bonded by epoxy-resin reinforced with crash and roll bars. Engine frame,
steering head and stabilizer axles made from aircraft grade alloy steel.
Front suspension Marzocchi 50mm USD-fork, rear Monolever shaft swingarm.
Gull-wing-door with integrated sunroof, opening to the left.
Glazing made from tinted PMMA in aviation quality.
Baggage compartment of 200 Litres in the rear.

MonoTracer » image 2


4 cylinder-in-line-BMW-K-engine 1171 ccm, 16 valves, liquid cooling.
Dry reinforced monodisc clutch. Sequential PG-gearbox with 4 forward speeds and
electrically unlockable reverse, shifted by push-button-selector on left handlebar.
Automatic clutch optional.
Reinforced BMW-shaft drive.
3 brake discs 320 mm Ø with 4-piston-hydraulic callipers, fully integrated
electronic ABS. Ceramic brake discs and brake pads, ASP anti spin control optional.
Electrical stabilizer servo system, computer-supervised with cycle-time < 0,5 sec.
Semi-automatic, hydraulically operated softmode system optional.

MonoTracer » image 3


RECARO-contour-seats with 3-point-automatic-safety belts.
Interior covers in high-tech-tissues and sound proofing padding.
Airconditioned + heated ventilation system of ample flow with intake air filter.
Tempomat cruise control, frontal airbag, Bi-Xenon-lights, CD-players optional.

MonoTracer » image 4


Motorcycle-type handlebars with extended functions. Clutch pedal left, gear- and
stabilizer-ops-switches left, integrated brake ops by pedal, aux-brake-lever and
twist-throttle right.

MonoTracer » image 5


Empty weight: 460-485 kgs. depending on options
Max. weight: 685 kgs.
Tank capacity: 50 ltrs. / 14 USG
Dimensions: L = 3,65 m B = 1,25 m
(Stabilizers up) 1,40 m (down) H = 1,52 m
Service: 25.000 km / 15‘000 miles or annually – whichever is first
Engine: 96 kW / 130 HP at 8750/min, max. torque 117 Nm at 6750/min
Motronic-controlled injection
3-way-catalytic converter.
Acceleration: 0-100 kph = 5,7 sec.
Top speed: > 250 kph.
Brake distance: 100-0 = 43 m
Turning circle between walls: 8.5 m
Consumption(ISO 7118): 4,15 l/100km at constant 90 kph
5,05 l/100km at constant 120 kph

MonoTracer » image 6

MonoTracer » image 7

MonoTracer » image 8


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