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Schimmel / Colani “Pegasus” Grand Piano


Schimmel / Colani Pegasus Grand Piano » image 1

The Schimmel / Colani “Pegasus” Grand Piano is the synthesis of the creativity and artistry from world-renowned designer Professor Luigi Colani in close cooperation with Schimmel Pianos of Braunschweig, Germany.

Wilhelm Schimmel built his first piano in 1885, and four generations later the harmonious symbiosis of tradition and avant-garde exclusively enables the three-dimensional monocoque construction of the Pegasus, giving the player a closer feeling of becoming part of the music.

Schimmel / Colani Pegasus Grand Piano » image 2

Professor Luigi Colani reimagined the traditional 88 keys and gave the classic grand piano a futuristic organic shape with some virtuoso upgrades. The Pegasus features a ergonomic curved keyboard ( i. e. the keys exhibit a slight curvature ) that encompasses 7 1/4 octaves, a electrically operated hydraulic lid that allows you to control the specific amount of projection desired, a fallboard “soft close” system, the original Schimmel Triplex Scale “CAPE” precision soundboard tri-dimensionally curved and formed with a “high performance” back assembly with tension collector, a Sostenuto pedal (middle pedal), a fully-adjustable integrated black leather upholstered stool extendible in width, height, and distance to the keyboard, and a hard-wearing professional lacquer finish resulting in a grand piano of breathtaking elegance.

Schimmel / Colani Pegasus Grand Piano » image 3

The Schimmel Pegasus has found shelter at 14 very exclusive homes ranging from Eddie Murphy to Lenny Kravitz and right now one of these has come up for sale. And no illusions, these pieces of art don’t come cheap. 110,000 Dollars for each of them.


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leave a response    4:21 pm    March 6th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : miscellaneous    Tags: none
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One Response to “ Schimmel / Colani “Pegasus” Grand Piano”
david Says:

wow , beautiful , i never though the piano could be redesigned so well

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