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Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone


Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone » image 2

Check out this concept mobile phone called the Mooon+.
The Mooon+ by Korean Sunman Kwon has a very nice iPhone-like stylish design with a big gorgeous touchscreen, sexy metal accents, and a digital camera.

Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone » image 1

An innovative communication device which has separable bluetooth headset equipped, and also able to attach the headset to the phone when it’s not in use, simultaneously charging itself.

Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone » image 3

Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone » image 4

Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone » image 5


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leave a response    5:49 pm    March 8th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : Design, Mobile    Tags: none
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8 Responses to “ Mooon+ Touch Screen Cell Phone”
Ankit Says:

Hey where can i buy this mooon mobile phone from and how much does it cost..!!

Gabriel Says:

many congratulations on innovative design specially the detachable earphone.
i have been looking for a good pda or windows base phone for business purpose and do not want to buy a common gadget, please contact if moon is available for sale.

melissa Says:

when is it going to came and in stors in what campany and also how much does it cost..!!

Alex Says:

hey i really want this mooon phone….where or how would i be able to obtain this phone
contact me pleaze

Claire Says:

hey..I’ve got very interested of the mooon+ tous=ch screen cellphone..How much it is?..and when I’m going to buy this one…

Pls answer me..Thank you very much…

Claire Says:

where I’m going to buy this one?…

Vipul Dutta Says:

I need to buy this phone.So plz let me know from where n how can i buy it.. and what r d prices for it…

YuKiKO Says:

I’ve got very interested of the mooon+ touch screen cellphone..How much it is? where can i found it ?? pls reply me as soon as u can …
Thank You …^^

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