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TouchTable TT84


TouchTable TT84 » image 2

The TouchTable TT84 is a large group collaboration system for visualization, navigation and analysis of data

TT84 System

The TouchTable TT84 is a large group collaboration system for visualization, navigation and analysis of data. Functioning as both presentation and input device, the TT84 displays data on the table surface where it can be manipulated using hand gestures. The touch and pressure-enabled interface, large display size and form factor of the TT84 allow users to gather around the table to participate in group discussions.

TouchTable TT84 » image 1

TouchTables aid in decision making by replacing the traditional classroom style lecture environment with a shared group experience. When gathered around the table, everyone in the group has equal access to the displayed information and menu system allowing control of the discussion to flow naturally. This shared experience increases each participants understanding resulting in faster, more confident decision making.

Additional TouchTables can be networked to allow synchronized remote collaboration. This means that different groups can connect to the network and share data over long distances. Each device on the network displays the same information and is updated concurrently. Control of the displayed information can be handed off as needed and shared among groups as the discussion warrants. This shared virtual space allows all groups of users to contribute, regardless of their physical location.


* 67″ x 50” (84” diagonal) horizontal projection surface

* Matte-white, powder-coated, aluminum surface

* True UXGA (1600×1200) native resolution & 7700 ANSI Lumens

* 3” square steel tubing base with stainless steel levelers

* Industrial connections for power and computer connections

* Two 45” vertical, touch-surround displays with stands


* Data can be accessed, manipulated and shared quickly and easily.

* System form factor facilitates large group discussion and collaboration.

* Geographically separated teams can visualize, discuss and share ideas in real-time.

* Large display surface allows more data to be viewed at once, increasing the amount of information available for analysis.


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