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Momenta PC Concept


Momenta PC Concept » image 1

That’s the Momenta, one of the finalists in Microsoft’s Next-Gen PC Design Competition.

Momenta, the neck worn PC also captures the best and most exciting moments of your life. Ever thought, “Man I wish I had that on tape!” When everybody is laughing themselves to tears, Momenta has already captured the previous 5 minutes from its rolling buffer and continues to record until you tell it to stop. Triggered by increased heart rate, it captures those hilarious or exciting moments that are usually lost forever. Whether it’s an exciting sports experience, a funny social scene, the scene of an accident, etc. you can capture it and share it.

Using the new light-weight Microsoft operating system, SLIM, this PC travels with you effortlessly. The projected touch-gesture interface allows you to interact with your software wherever you are without requiring interface peripherals but its wide-coverage 700 MHz WiFi wireless allows both connection to the web and to performance enhancing peripherals.

LIFE! And the best life is a shared life. Not only is my data always with me and always accessible, but The Next-Gen PC is part of me and remembers my life’s best and most exciting moments. I can share these scenes with those I love or those I want to impress. I don’t need to go to my PC; I don’t need to lug my PC. It’s part of my life.

Users’ Culture & Lifestyle
Gen Y’s thrive on spontaneity and connectedness. As work, play, and the rest of life merge, they are demanding 24/7 the ability to create, consume, and coordinate their media. Text, music, video, and graphics files all need to be created, stored, and sent from where they are, when they are. They are expecting an intuitive, gestural interface that can be used anywhere.

Personalization is key, particularly with fashion electronics. The thin-film screen OLED face acts as a one-way mirror lens shield and provides infinite graphic customization. You can download still or animated designs trademarked by you favorite haute couture or grunge designers or design and trademark your own.

Market Viability
Momenta initially sold to early adaptors who were into extreme sports and life bloggers who wanted to bore millions with the trivia of their existence, but the rapid deployment of friend and family Momenta connection sites and the advantages of effortless portability soon brought it into the mainstream to the extent that now, only those requiring heavy-lifting math and CAD applications bother with lugging a laptop around.

5.6″ x 6.0″ x 1.6″

Overview of Design
- Momenta is a truly wearable computer that is an infinitely personalizable high end fashion piece.
- It projects a visual-gestural interface, enabling use without peripherals.
- Momenta captures life’s special moments from its scrolling video buffer using bio-feedback triggers to record emotion-activated scenes - no need to press a button.
- The simple upload process unites video capture and sharing.

User & Context
The users of Momenta will value a PC that will travel with them effortlessly. They will flock to it because of its prescient ability to capture unique life events.

The Momenta PC will be used anywhere to capture intriguing moments, to view and respond to email, to create and transmit content using any PC software. It can project the visual-gestural interface or connect wirelessly with a physical keyboard and monitor.

Scenarios of Use
- Captures unexpected or delightful moments.
- Receive and respond to email any time, anywhere. Simply view and respond via projection on any flat surface or connect to wireless peripherals.
- Alerts user of dramatic changes in their health status.
- Use of this computer will likely reduce the incidence of violent crimes and provide a visible crime deterrent as evildoers become aware that they will be caught in the act.

User Interface
- Momenta is supremely portable - no folding, unpacking, lugging or even “getting out.” It’s just there and ready when you want it.
- You use it spontaneously – you don’t have to go to your PC.
- The projected interface with touch-gestural interface combines a large view window with a transparently portable device.

- Momenta moves the PC from a tool to a lifestyle/fashion/status item.
- The ability to capture and share moments of emotional high (that have been previously lost to all save the few Boswells among us) makes Momenta almost irresistibly compelling.
- It offers infinite aesthetic options through the graphical personalization system that appears on the OLED front cover screen.

Technical Aspects
- Molecular-shift CPU and memory allow Momenta to be powered by micro fuel-cell batteries at high efficiency and, therefore, low temperatures.
- Low energy projection system uses advanced generation extended cavity surface emitting optoelectronic chip-laser technology.
- The heart-rate and skin conductivity sensors, which tell Momenta to save the buffer and continue recording, are existing technology.
- The OLED thin film cover screen provides a decorative surface for customer personalization and a one-way mirror effect for camera.

- Reduced size requires a quarter of existing material vs. existing PCs therefore reducing manufacturing cost and environment impact.
- Viability without peripherals reduces the green footprint.
- The ability to personalize Momenta’s appearance extends its fashion life and therefore its functional life.

- Momenta consists of a single flex circuit enclosed in polished, anodized aluminum links and polycarbonate alloy case work. The interior of the links is thermally isolated from the exterior. Exterior slots between the links act as a heat dissipation feature.


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