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Kinetic Cell Phone


Kinetic Cell Phone » image 1
The Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone concept focuses on greener technologies without sacrificing design. It’s all made of aluminum and glass. The central sapphire glass reveals the generating and charging unit. Power comes from kinetic energy similar to that found in watches that use oscillating weight to power a mainspring.

Kinetic Cell Phone » image 2

Turning the phone upside down a few times will juice the unit up enough to make and receive calls and text messages (which is about all the phone will do).

Kinetic Cell Phone » image 3

The Atlas Kinetic cell phone concept is made out of aluminum and glass, where the central sapphire glass shows off the generating and charging unit. It is powered via kinetic energy just like those found in kinetic-powered watches. Unfortunately, this phone does not push the technological boundary as it comes with most basic of functions, presumably because the amount of power generated isn’t enough to run all the other heavy multimedia stuff.

The phone only contains basic features. None of that fancy multi-media stuff. If power runs out because it was sitting still for too long, just give it a few upside down turns to get the kinetic rotors going again


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