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Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123


Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123 » image 1

Although initially very strange in appearance, there may be more to this vehicle than meets the eye. The inventor, Greg Zanis, and his sons Chris and Greg, built this prototype out of readily available materials from the frame up, instead of the traditional approach of trying to retrofit an existing vehicle designed for combustion engines. And it even has neon lighting to add a little style!

Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123 » image 2

this little one-seater weighs in at 8,000 pounds, but its 80 batteries powering four electric engines really make it shift.

Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123 » image 3

Zanis estimates the car can travel about 80 miles on a charge and reaches 45 mph, neither of which is stellar, but fine for short urban commutes. Zanis would like to extend this type of technology to first develop a faster model with a range of 500 miles, then eventually spawn tunnel or track based interurban mass transit systems that can safely travel at speeds up to 300 mph.

Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123 » image 4

Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123 » image 5

Homebuilt Electric Vehicle DreamCar123 » image 6


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leave a response    7:12 am    February 20th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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