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DIY Sphericles Speaker


DIY Sphericles Speaker » image 1

Home audio speakers are designed to sound big, but many ingenious heads take it to the next level and create something so stunning that people can’t help but stare in surprise at these magnificent works of art.

The Sphericles feature Tang Band W3-1364S 3? Bamboo cone driver and Tang Band 25-1414SC 1? Titanium dome tweeter, which was a good aesthetic match for the rest of the drivers. The theme of enclosure design for this gorgeous speaker is simple and it’s ‘spheres.’ The front speakers use five spheres per channel (four woofer spheres and one tweeter sphere per speaker), and the rear speakers use three spheres per channel (two woofer spheres and a tweeter sphere). The bases of the speakers are created from $2 discount store frying pans with the handles removed.

The spheres have been dipped in fiberglass resin to create a durable shell that would help smooth out any irregularities and provide scratch resistance.

Inspired from the aesthetically pleasing design of a wide flatscreen TV mounted on a low wide stand, Darren Kuzma visualized a chance to push the aesthetic design of bookshelf speakers into the future with the Sphericles.His designs combine solid technical design principles with creative shapes, colors, and materials.

The five pieces of this surround sound system are made up of two dissimilar speaker designs. The front soundstage (left, right, and center) touts avant-garde crossover design. The outermost pair of woofers is used only to fill in the lowest octaves of the speakers’ playback. The outer and inner woofers are wired together in sequenceand deliver easy impedance load. The rear surround speakers share a more traditional MTM crossover design.


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