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VirtualGT Racing Simulator For Gamers


VirtualGT Racing Simulator For Gamers » image 1


* Like all modern race cars, VirtualGT makes extensive use of electronics. Multiple microprocessors create the illusion that you are going fast. Very fast.
* The loudspeaker system is capable of extreme high fidelity to enable hours of racing without ear fatigue. SRS signal processing extends the sound field in all directions, putting you “in the race.”
* Four vibration transducers with 240 Watts of dedicated power couple to the chassis in strategic locations. They transmit energy as directly as possible to feet, hands and body.
* Forty race simulation memories store complex game commands, reducing car and track selection from more than 30 button presses to only one.
* Fully adjustable chassis fits drivers from 7 years old to 7 feet tall. Click here to see demo.
* Built-in hands-free intercom system with (3) supplied headsets enable you to communicate with two buddies outside the car when running at full-race audio levels. This intercom is extendable between cars so drivers in multi-car systems can talk to each other and to buddies outside the cars.

* A form-fitting MasterCraft racing seat supports your body in the correct racing attitude, ready to handle all the virtual G-force your mind conjures up. You will lean into the corners comfortably.
* Combined with a wheel vibration transducer, the force-feedback steering wheel provides resistance to steering and transmits the engine and chassis vibrations you would expect from a high performance race car with a 1000 HP engine and rigid tube frame chassis.
* Spring-loaded feet at the four corners of the chassis provide self-leveling on any surface. These suspension components add to the sense of motion when racing and the feeling of compliant mass associated with entering and exiting the vehicle.
* Electronic controls simplify operation for new drivers and streamline operation for experienced drivers. You can override factory defaults with your own settings and restore them anytime with special key combinations.
* Six audio setup memories store audio and vibration levels. Use factory presets or store your favorite setups for every performance level and condition.

What goes into a VirtualGT?

* VirtualGT Pro-PC includes a Shuttle XPC high performance gaming computer with 3 removable hard drives and a library of the world’s best race simulation software, including GTR.
* 82 separate pieces of 9-ply Baltic Birch plywood, computer routed from 2-1/2 sheets of 4′ x 8′ material, each piece hand sanded to a furniture quality finish.
* 670 holes fabricated in the faces and ends of all these pieces with over 25 different hole sizes ranging from .086″D to 7.25″D.
* 25 custom machined components made from aluminum rod, tube, extrusions, and Delrin plastic, 10 pieces of these black anodized.
* 21 custom fabricated aluminum sheet metal parts, 11 of these black anodized, 5 pieces black powder coated, and 2 pieces silkscreened.
* over 1.5 gallons of paint applied in three coats, hand sanded between coats.

* over 70 different wire and cable assemblies, ranging from a single conductor up to 24 conductors per cable, totaling over 1/8 mile in total conductor length.
* 13 audio transducers.
* 3/4 of a 4′ x 8′ sheet of clear Lexan polycarbonate, laser cut into 5 pieces. Four of these pieces are silkscreened with a 2-color logo, then 2 coats of color, 1 coat of white, and 1 coat of black, all applied from the inside.
* a custom designed racing seat with extra width and padding for a race car look with arm chair comfort. Includes adjustable slide mechanism and optional custom 5-point harness system.
* 11 printed circuit boards with over 1,100 individual components soldered to these boards.These boards include (3) microprocessors, a 9-channel 500W power amplifier, a passive crossover with 11 elements per speaker, audio processor, power supply, and dash electronics.
* over 1000 individual hardware items consisting of screws, nuts, washers, springs, spacers, standoffs, hinges, wheels, knobs, tubes, rods, and brackets.


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