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Underwater SMS for Divers - UDI Digital Texting


Underwater SMS for Divers - UDI Digital Texting » image 1

UDI is a device designed to enhance the diving experience with a combination of technologies for communication, navigation and safety.

UDI’s main features:
• Two-way digital text messaging communicator
• Diver SOS and Remote SOS
• Homing tool
• Compass
• RGBM Diving computer including PC simulator
• Diving logger PC connectivity

Underwater SMS for Divers - UDI Digital Texting » image 2

The technology is based on a system of networks. Each network links up to 14 divers via individual units worn on the lower arm with an elastic strap or attached on the inflator. A boat unit supports up to 4 networks using four different frequency ranges.

UDI is an essential tool for improving diving safety. It allows a diver to communicate with any other diver in the network and with the boat unit, without the need for cumbersome voice communication gear.

UDI is the ideal system for all divers – sport, professional and military. Its compact size and user-friendly interface ensure maximum benefits while remaining cost-effective, versatile and simple to use. Most importantly, with UDI, the diving experience is enhanced in ways never before possible.

Underwater SMS for Divers - UDI Digital Texting » image 3


Till now - only dolphines could comunicate underwater - now you can too!

Based on text messaging technology, the UDI system allows divers to transmit pre-saved messages to other divers in the network, at a range of up to 500 meters (550 yards).
Depending on the individual needs of the team, divers can create up to 14 text messages that are saved in the memory of the unit.
When a message is sent, a received signal activates an audible alert and lights up the graphic LCD screen to notify the recipient. The recipient sends an acknowledgement back to the sender.
A Messages can also be transmitted between individual units and the boat unit. The result is an underwater digital network that connects divers together to promote safety and to enable more sophisticated communication to enhance the diving experience for all.

Examples of possible messages are:
“A boat is above you”
“I want to show you something”
“I need help. Slow down”
Or even -
“Will you marry me?”

SOS / Homing Procedure
The UDI SOS and Homing features allow direct navigation to a diver who has sent an emergency SOS message or to a boat unit that has transmitted a homing signal.

SOS: A diver in distress can send an SOS signal to other divers or to a boat unit. The receiving diver acknowledges the SOS call and receives graphical 3D instructions on his UDI unit that allow him to navigate his way to the diver in distress and provide assistance.

Remote SOS: If a diver suspects that his buddy or a nearby diver may be in distress, he or she can send a remote SOS signal to the diver. If the diver does not require assistance, he can choose to disable the signal. If he does not disable it, and is, in fact, in distress, receipt of the Remote SOS activates his unit to send an SOS.
The SOS signal is received by the other divers using the UDI system, allowing them to navigate to the diver in distress following the graphical instructions on their clear view screens.

Homing: When a diver sends a Remote Homing message to a boat unit, the boat unit transmits a homing signal that enables the diver to easily locate the boat. He then follows the graphical instructions on his screen and easily locates his target.
UDI’s advanced navigation and SOS features ensure diving safety of unprecedented levels.

A Boat unit:
An optional system to communicate with the UDI, is the UDI boat unit.
It is a compact, lightweight & easy to use.
The boat unit supports 4 different networks (each of 14 divers) and is built with high power transmitter.
The system comes in a water resistant suitcase, extra long battery power and external power connection.

The boat unit enables text message communication with the underwater divers.
It also allows divers to navigate their way back to the boat using its homing capabilities.


Maximum safety, maximum enjoyment

Millions of people worldwide enjoy the thrill of underwater diving. With the UDI in hand, they can enhance the experience and improve the level of safety.

If you the diver in distress or you suspect your buddy is - you can call for help or look for a missing diver.

Dive Computer

All in One

The UDI “all in one” concept includes a high quality dive computer (based on the RGBM algorithm), licensed by Dr. B. Wienke.
Divers can use any EAN mixture, altitude corrections, multiple dives, deep stops options and many additional features of this leading technology.

With this dive computer - you get much more than a dive computer!


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