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Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed


Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed » image 2

The Starry Night™ Sleep Technology Bed from Leggett & Platt is a pioneering combination of technology and bedding that uses diagnostic tools to moderate temperature, monitor body movements and alleviate snoring.
It Does a Body Good.

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed » image 1

* Helps alleviate snoring
Starry Night™ detects snoring with a refined vibration-detection system (originally developed for military purposes) and automatically articulates sleep positions by seven degrees to help alleviate mild to moderate snoring. Once the snoring subsides, the bed returns to its original position.
* Regulates bed temperature for comfort and cost savings
Using liquid-based Peltier technology, the mattress can be set to “pre-heat” or “pre-cool” both sides of the bed from 68 degrees to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. It eliminates the need to heat or cool the entire house during sleeping hours which saves money and helps the environment.
* Monitors body movements and rhythmic breathing patterns
Vibration sensor and load cell technology measure how much a sleeper tosses and turns, and how much they get out of bed during the night. It compares these movements to a 30-day baseline measure of the sleeper and then provides tips to improve sleep quality. The same vibration sensor technology detects and monitors rhythmic breathing patterns that indicate relaxation.
* Comfortably supports the ballerina and the bodybuilder
Leggett & Platt’s exclusive Joey™ Coil innerspring system uses a pocketed coil-within-coil system to create comfort for any size sleeper. The exterior coils have a luxurious feel and respond to body movements while the interior coils are pressure sensitive and increase their firmness in response to the amount of weight applied.

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed » image 3

Boogie Nights

* Theatre in the round
It includes a surround sound system with four eight-inch subwoofers, an audiophile ribbon tweeter for extremely smooth sound, and 2,500 watt RMS Amplification. The headboard projector boasts a 1080p LCD based projector with a 6000:1 contrast ratio and 2,000 lumens.
* Tuned in
With Internet connectivity and wireless RF remote via Microsoft’s Media Center, iPod docking station, and DVR capability.
* Power house
The Starry Night™ boasts 1.5 terabytes of disc storage for almost 400,000 songs or up to 2,000 hours of video. Its operating system runs on a solid state hard drive for extremely fast data transfer and low seek times. It also offers 4 gigs of ddr2 ram.

Starry Night™ Sleep Technology ( by Leggett and Platt and Life|ware™ from Exceptional Innovation have partnered to bring the ultimate experience in home automation and sleep intelligence to the bedroom.

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed » image 4

* Life|ware™ connects the diagnostic and entertainment features of Starry Night™ with other electronic components in the bedroom and throughout the house.
* Via wireless remote, users can program the bed to interact with lighting controls, the thermostat, the security system or the media center.
* Examples of how Starry Night™ and Life|ware™ can be programmed to create custom experiences for users include:
o Read Mode - When activated by remote, Read mode will raise the head of the bed to a comfortable sitting or lounging position, turn on the bedside lamp, turn off the television and lower the ceiling lights to make a cozy space for devouring the latest mystery or romance novel.
o Relax Mode - Have trouble making the transition from daytime activity to nighttime rest? Program the bed to massage your aching body, lower the lighting and room temperature, and play your favorite “unwind” music 15 minutes before bedtime.
o Romance Mode - Make nighttime the right time by creating an atmosphere for intimacy. Activate the Romance mode to dim the lights, draw the curtains and play some classic Barry White.


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