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Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop


Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 8

The Noahpad is a funky cross category Palmtop/OLPC/low cost UMPC gizmo and is notable for its odd attribute including a split keyboard, the ability to fold back on itself and be hung up with a clothes hanger. You don’t see those features everyday.

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 1

Design Concept behind Noahpad UMPC

Noahpad UMPC is designed specifically with the modern day computer users in mind. As technologies continue to advance and the spheres of our activities continue to expand, individuals are connected to one another more closely than ever before. However, unconsciously, people are increasingly chained to their desks as they enjoy the convenience of managing all aspects of lives through computers. In light of this, Noahpad UMPC endeavors to bring computer users the benefits of the modern day technologies without compromising on individual freedom. Noahpad UMPC offers a compact and user-centered design so that it may be carried anywhere and used in a position that the users are most comfortable with. It is the ultimate balance between utility and sleekness.

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 2

Seven Key Factors Underlining the Emergence of Ultra Mobile Personal Computers (UMPC) as Mainstream

In our opinion, in order for UMPC to gain popular acceptance it needs to not only be compact and light but also possess the following characteristics?
• Convenient cursor control, comparable to mouse
• Fast letter input device
• Easy-to-read font size in a standard 1024×768 screen
• Long operating time on palms while not easily fatiguing users
• Long battery life
• Multi-functionality
• Affordable price

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 3

With these key factors in mind, we aim to develop the next generation of personal computers that move beyond the conventional design of laptop computers and tablet PCs. After two-and-a-half years of hard work and innovation, our success in developing an ideal UMPC is evident in over forty patents that we have received from countries all over the world. Noahpad UMPC possesses many unique features not found in any other personal computer devices; some of these features are listed herein.

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 4

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 5

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 6

Noahpad UMPC Foldable Palmtop/Laptop » image 7


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