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Massage Chair - Omega Massage Montage Elite Massage Recliner with MP3


Massage Chair - Omega Massage Montage Elite Massage Recliner with MP3 » image 1

The Omega Montage Elite Massage Recliner Chair with MP3 Music Player is one of the most innovative and advanced massage chairs available. The massage chair automatically scans and memorizes body type, accurately detecting the curvature of the user’s shoulders, spine, and acupoints gauging the strength of the massage by the weight of the person in the chair. Designed to simulate the massage techniques of a masseuse, the Montage Elite Massage Recliner effectively lowers body fatigue, reduces stress, eases minor aches and pains, and increases blood circulation and metabolism.

The Omega Montage Elite Electric Massage Recliner accommodates users up to 6 feet 5 inches tall. The 30 inch stroke length of the massage rollers provide full back masssge coverage. The Montage Elite back massage chair provides a brisk, vigorous back massage from neck to hips relieving tire, sore muscles.

Covered in luxurious leather like flame retardant fabric, the Montage Elite reclining massage chair offers 5 automatic massage programs; Relaxation, Activation, Vitality, Morning and Night. Simply select a program for the massage type and body area! Choose from 4 massage courses and 4 massage techniques as well. The Montage Elite massage chair has a lower body traction function that gently stretches the lower extremities to improve joint mobility.

Omega Massage raised the bar for reclining massage lounge chair manufacturers with the Montage Elite and Montage Premier massage recliners, offering all the best, most popular massage chair features. The Montage Elite has heating pads in the backrest, seat, and footrest. Adding heat to massage increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles more effectively to better accept therapeutic effects of the massage.

The Omega Massage Montage Elite comes with an MP3 player and headphone. Just download your favorite MP3 music files into the USB music stick and plug it into the massage chair. You can even synchronize your massage to the rhythm of the music!

* Infra Red Body Scan for Shoulder and Acupoints
* Adjustable Armrests slide back when chair is reclined, lift up for wheelchair access
* Back-lit LCD Remote control and wireless sub remote with cradle
* MP3Player with USB port and headphones
* Synchronized massage with music
* Luxurious leather like material with ergonomic headrest pillows
* One-Touch reset for auto backrest and footrest return
* Built in Caster Wheels
* 4 speed massage adjustments
* Massage roller adjusts to 4 widths

Montage Elite Massage Chair - 4 Massage Types:
Tapping Massage
Pressing Massage
Kneading Massage
Kneading Tapping Combination

Montage Elite Heated Massage Recliner - 4 Back courses:
Whole Back
Middle Back

* 5 Automated Programs:

* Lower Body Air Massage Includes:
Hip Massage
Buttock/Thigh Massage
Calf/Foot Massage
4 levels of air pressure intensity

* Footrest Includes:
Reflexology nodes for feet
Footflex Foot Massage Technology
Lower Body Traction Function

* Heat Therapy:
Backrest Heat Control
Seat Heat Control
Footrest Heat Control

* Hip Vibration:
Seat Vibration with 4 levels of intensity

* Adjustable Footrest:
4 Inch Length Adjustment
90 Degree Front Footrest Angle Adjustment

One of the most advanced massage chairs available, the new Montage Elite from Omega Massage offers a massage so realistic, when you consider the convenience of experiencing it any time, in the privacy of your home, it’s almost better than a masseuse! The Deluxe Massage Lounger has a modern style and in-vogue massaging recliner chair design. Strikingly elegant, boasting sleek curved armrests


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