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Loremo Car


Loremo Car » image 2

Little weight – easy to move. Less weight – easier to move.

This simple physical principle, which we can experience with our own bodies on a daily basis, specially applies to sports cars. By ruthlessly exploiting this principle, thus reducing weight and air resistance, we succeeded in cutting the Loremo’s fuel consumption to just 2.0l/100km.

Loremo Car » image 1

The result of this entirely new production concept is a vehicle with a driving experience that will change your attitude towards mobility – a mobility pioneer, sustainable and sensationally priced – and that’s just the inner values!

Loremo Car » image 3

The Loremo is accessed over the side sills – uncommon but convenient.

The innovative linear cell structure is the basis of Loremo’s safety. Instead of two doors on the side there is a “gate”. A wing door that swings upward and to the front. The gate also reveals a baggage compartment where you can find additional room. And in case you need to transport something larger, the huge rear trunk offers lots of space. You can also quickly make room for two children by folding back the two rear seats.

Loremo Car » image 4

Innterior – Make yourself comfortable

The ergonomically designed interior makes a clear statement: concentration on the essential, transferred with elaborate design, style and pleasant feel.

The dashboard yields a simplistic instrument tower with display. The bucket seats are only vertically adjustable. Instead of a horizontal adjustment of the seats the pedals and steering wheel are adjustable to ergonomically suit the driver. The rear seats are arranged against driving direction and provide a high safety standard for children.

Loremo Car » image 5

Engine 2-Cylinder-Turbo-Diesel 3-Cylinder-Turbo-Diesel
Output 15 kW / 20 HP 36 kW / 50 HP
V max 160 km/h 200 km/h
Acceleration < 16s (0-100km/h) < 10s (0-100km/h)
Gearbox 5-gear-manual / automatic 5-gear-manual / automatic
Drive Mid engine / Rear wheel drive Mid engine / Rear wheel drive
Fuel consumption
< 2,0 l/100 km < 3,0l/100 km
Range > 1.000 km (20-l-Tank) > 700 km (20-l-Tank)
Weight < 600 kg < 600 kg
Aerdynamic drag Cw=0,22 Cw=0,22
Seating 2+2 2+2
Measurements (l x w x h) 380 cm x 136 cm x 114 cm 380 cm x 136 cm x 114 cm
Price < 15.000 Euro < 20.000 Euro
Standard equipment
Airbags, particulate filter, radio Airbags, particulate filter, radio
Optional equipment
On-Board-PC, A/C, MP3-Player,
Navigation system
On-Board-PC, A/C, MP3-Player,
Navigation system

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