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Lie Detector: De-FIB-Ulator


Lie Detector: De-FIB-Ulator » image 1

The handy device, which only costs $39.95, was found at Alexander Innovation Wizard‘s Innovations booth at the Las Vegas expo this week. By measuring the vibration in voices, it detects lies with 65% accuracy.

Recommended for truth or dare sessions, this handheld device is guaranteed to detect lies based on the degrees of vibration in the human voice. After “extensive research and development in labs in Singapore,” the device’s developer, Spion, found it to be 65% accurate in separating the truth from lies.

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“Ask your subject three simple yes/no questions and record them (either in person or by connecting the de-FIB-ulator to a cell phone) to establish a baseline,” explained. “Now ask the real questions you want to test. A figure displayed on the unit’s LCD screen nicknamed “Demonocchio” will show the tension in the voice. The longer the horns and nose grow, the more likely the answer was a lie.”


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leave a response    8:14 am    January 10th, 2008     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
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