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Gamercize® Pro-Sport


Gamercize® Pro-Sport » image 1

Reach the Next Level on Xbox 360, PlayStation3 or Wii.

It’s not JUST a stepper ~ but when hooked up, if you slow down or stop stepping your mouse and keyboard will stop functioning… so there’s your motivation. Gamercize ~ also for video games, etc.

Gamercize adds fitness motivation to all games on PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Play games and get a fitness workout at the same time thanks to the GZ Pro-Sport keeping your motivation up with your scores. The rewards in sports skill and personal fitness are within your reach, but are you up for the challenge?

Gamercize® Pro-Sport » image 2

Next Generation Home Gym

Gamercize provides the motivation for keeping fit at home. Minimal interaction gives the flexibility to play any game the way it was designed to be played, and the ultimate distraction from physical effort.

Choose between the cycle or stepper for endurance training or maximum cardo fitness benefit. Keep exercising to maintain gameplay, stop and you will be prompted to get moving again to continue playing.

You will exercise longer and harder when exercise is fun, so take the challenge and enjoy the results with the GZ Pro-Sport by Gamercize.

Gamercize® Pro-Sport » image 3

GZ Pro-Sport Functions

Exercising at a steady rate will ensure the Gamercize unit detects the movement of your chosen exercise machine. Stop exercising or your exercise rate is detected above or below the allowed level then your games console will react in one of the following ways:

A message is displayed indicating that the controller has been unplugged OR the game will continue and ignore the controller. Start exercising and you will be able to resume the game from where you left off.

Using the keypad on the GZ Pro-Sport, select the level of effort to suit your own abilities.

Gentle : Always start at this level to warm up and cool down properly.

Skill : With pratice reach the challenge level for physical and mental co-ordination.

Fitness : Ice blue indicates you have reached a real cardio fitness level.

Power : The utimate level to sustain for extended play and sports ability.

Play : When your workout is finished, play without exercise to the next save point.


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