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Davone Rithm loudspeakers


Davone Rithm loudspeakers » image 3

From Press Release:

Designed for music,crafted for perfection

Davone merits the renowned Danish furniture craftsmanship with modern acoustic engineering.
The result is Rithm, a unique concept which does away with the normal square box format
and gives music back its natural form. Using specialised wood moulding technology which
has been perfected in the Danish design furniture industry, Davone is able to make a fluid
shaped cabinet with acoustic properties that surpass the normal square box format. The very

Davone Rithm loudspeakers » image 1

review captures:
“Loudspeakers or furniture art? The very special loudspeakers from Davone were
actually prototypes, but they created attention. With a coaxial loudspeaker unit they
actually played really good”

Crafts & Acoustics
When you can pick out details you never heard before, hear musical parts you weren’t aware of, that’s when sound becomes music. The perception of details can easily be cluttered by cabinet resonances. Here, the unique marriage between craftsmanship and acoustics becomes apparent. Three different measures have been incorporated to
optimize cabinet behaviour:
Absorbing unwanted reflections
Behind the loudspeaker the cabinet has a similar shape as the wedges used to absorb sound in an anechoic room. Here the two bended panels
in the Rithm slowly merge into each other. Due to this unique shaping, internal reflections are damped far better than in a standard square

Davone Rithm loudspeakers » image 2

Added damping
The curved loudspeaker panels are built up out of many thin layers of wood. Between these layers there is glue. The small vibrations that do occur
in the wooden panels are transformed into heat within the glue. This dissipation of energy
damps the vibrations.
Stiff bowed panels
Due to its bowed shape, the Rithm cabinet is stiffer than that of a normal square box. Just like it is much harder to bend a roll of paper than a flat
piece of paper, a bowed wooden panel is much stiffer than a flat panel. This reduces unwanted cabinet vibrations considerably.

The Rithm has been designed with music in mind. The outcome is a minimalist design that makes no acoustic compromises. The precise sound stage, the balanced and smooth sound character and the powerful bass performance make the Rithm suitable for all kinds of

Precise sound stage
The Rithm uses a high quality coaxial loudspeaker unit. In this unit, the 1” dome tweeter is placed in the centre of the 8” woofer, thereby effectively creating a wide band point
source. This arrangement of loudspeaker units delivers a more precise sound stage than conventional individual loudspeaker units. Because all sound originates from one point,
the sound field is homogeneous in all directions. This provides for an easy localization of instruments and a realistically scaled sound stage.
Balanced character
At Davone we use a state of the art anechoic chamber for detailed loudspeaker measurements. In this large 5×6x7m anechoic chamber, measurements are not disturbed by reflections from the walls, floor or ceiling for the complete audio range. Aided by these very precise measurements, digital filtering techniques and extensive listening tests, we
succeeded to develop the cross over to deliver a perfectly balanced and smooth sound character.
Powerful bass performance
For a powerful and undistorted bas reproduction, physics tells us that any loudspeaker unit performs best at a specific cabinet volume. In designer loudspeakers, often the loudspeaker unit has to operate in a volume that is too small in order not
to compromise the design. With the appealing exterior of the Rithm, the required volume comes as a natural part of the object. This unique marriage between form and function enables for a powerful and undistorted bas reproduction while
maintaining the minimalist styling.

The Davone cabinets are hand crafted at a highly specialized manufacturer in Denmark. Here, the traditional Danish wood craftsmanship is combined with the most
advanced CAD/CAM systems. Driven by competent employees with years of experience, the focus is on products where there are high demands for quality and finish.
Both high-end loudspeakers and designer furniture are hand crafted side by side, like pieces of furniture art.

Wood molding
The potential of form pressed wood has through the years been an inspiration for designers all over the world. Therefore a wide range of world famous furniture is based on this technique, including the curved panels of the Rithm. This technique was pioneered
in the 50’s in the furniture industry and has been a core competence of this Danish manufacturer since 1966. Under high pressure and temperature, the 20 mm thick real wood finer bow is pressed into shape.


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