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The Earthrace Boat


The Earthrace Boat » image 1

The Earth Race boat is a bio-diesel powered boat that runs on human fat and looks like a highly futuristic vessel you’d expect to see on Star Trek.

The inventors of the zero carbon boat intend of breaking the current global speed record, planning to take the boat around the world running purely on fat. It was invented by an enlightened former oil industry engineer from New Zealand who is also an environmentalist. He hopes the project will promote environmental awareness and highlight the fascinating potentials of sustainable resources.

The Earthrace Boat » image 2

Pete Bethune and two crew members underwent liposuction, gathering a total of 2.5 gallons of excess blubber to power the speed boat. Their fat alone was enough to produce 2 gallons of fuel. He put the lard in motor and says under optimal conditions, the boat could run a successful 9 miles.

This boat is built for speed. While most boats ride over waves in rough seas, the Earth Race boat is built to pierce right through them. He plans on taking a 27,600-mile journey across the world, making the entire journey on 100% biodiesel.

The Earthrace Boat » image 3


* Hull: Wavepiercing Trimaran
* Length: 24m (78ft)
* Beam: 8m (24ft)
* Draft: 1.3m (4ft)
* Range: 3000nm (6000km)
* Maximum speed: 45 knots (90km/h)*
* Fuel: B100 Biodiesel (100%)
* Fuel Capacity: 10,000 liters (2500 gallons)
* Displacement: 10 ton
* Construction: Carbon , Kevlar composites
* Crew: 4
* Beds: 8
* Engines: 2 x 350kW (540 hp) Cummins Mercruiser
* Gearboxes: ZF 305A (single speed)
* Air intakes: top of wings to remain above waves while piercing
* Windscreen: 17mm laminated toughened glass


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leave a response    5:38 pm    December 31st, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink   
 Filed in : Technology, vehicles    Tags: none
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2 Responses to “ The Earthrace Boat”
bhav Says:

wow! factor this is really amazingg!

Austin Says:

Wow! this is really awesome! Such a sweet boat!

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