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Sony Little TV


Sony Little TV » image 3

New materials and textures have always inspired us and offered new sensations. It’s natural to reach out our hand when trying a product or deciding a purchase. Checking the texture by actually touching something reassures us, subconsciously. That’s because on a physical level, we value the lasting impression things make on our senses, how they resonate with us. After technology of all kinds evolved dramatically in the late 20th century, we were surrounded by a rich array of manufactured goods.

But in fact, a new product landscape is about to unfold again. Our lives are now filled with things designed for practicality and efficiency, but how things resonate with us emotionally is becoming a priority, leading us to seek things that satisfy our senses. Times are changing, and the products in our lives must keep pace with our emotional evolution.

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For this design project, TV sets were chosen as the product category. In 1962, Sony introduced the “micro TV,” the world’s smallest and lightest portable set at the time. It was the moment transistors redefined television in our lives. There was a drive to make TV sets with a more human touch for personal enjoyment, sets we would develop an affection for and even want to touch. Designers also sought TV sets that were so cute and appealing, people would want to hold them in their hand as they watched.
Sony Little TV » image 4
Fast forward to 2007, when TOKYO FIBER set the stage to reexamine TV sets in the context of textiles. This time, it is textiles that may redefine television sets. Introducing fabric in TV design can again change the product landscape and stimulate our senses in entirely new ways. Sets that rest comfortably in the palm of your hand. Sets projecting images that reach you like the song of a little bird by your pillow. They are a form of “senseware”; small, round, and soft reinterpretations of products that feel nice and have character.

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