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Archive for ' December, 2007 '

AirLUCE - Lamps of plastics

AirLUCE - Lamps of plastics » image 5

The light-emitting plastic that make up the airLUCE lamps gives the lamps a interesting shape and almost eerie glow.

AirLUCE - Lamps of plastics » image 6

See full lamp design after jump…

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Port-a-Bach, Atelier Workshop Cabinet

Port-a-Bach, Atelier Workshop Cabinet » image 5

The port-a-bach is a relocatable cabin made from a 20-foot shipping container, complete with kitchen & bath and sleeps four.

Okay! Here’s the Port-a-Bach, from Atelier Workshop in New Zealand! It reminds me of BARK’s All-Terrain Cabin, in that it is created from a 20ft. shipping container.

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Nokia Eco Sensor Concept

Nokia Eco Sensor Concept » image 1

At the cutting edge of innovation
Nokia envision developing mobile technologies in new ways to help us all reduce our environmental footprint. To meet our future vision, the Nokia Research Center supported by Nokia designers conceived the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept. Thier visionary design concept is a mobile phone and compatible sensing device that will help you stay connected to your friends and loved ones, as well as to your health and local environment. You can also share the environmental data your sensing device collects and view other users’ shared data, thereby increasing your global environmental awareness.

The concept
The concept consists of two parts – a wearable sensor unit which can sense and analyze your environment, health, and local weather conditions, and a dedicated mobile phone.

The sensor unit will be worn on a wrist or neck strap made from solar cells that provide power to the sensors. NFC (near field communication) technology will relay information by touch from the sensors to the phone or to or to other devices that support NFC technology.

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Vivid Audio G1 Giya Super Speaker

Vivid Audio G1 Giya Super Speaker » image 1

Vivid Audio’s new $54,000 Giya G1 super speaker will be, without a doubt, one of the most talked about speakers this coming year. With its wild design and automotive paint finishes, the Vivid Giya isn’t for stuffy audiophiles but serious hi-fi fans who have a passion for sound, style and the good life. Kanye, we know you read SonicFlare. Time to crack open the piggy bank.

The new Vivid Giya will descent upon the masses at the upcoming CES in January. The Giya, as Vivid’s top of the line speaker, takes their patented technologies to the max. From the custom drivers to the supercar-derived cabinet construction, the Giya builds off designer Laurence Dickie’s work at B&W creating the famed Nautilus series of super speakers. Laurence Dickie is not unlike Carol Shelby and his new hot rod is sure to get people all fired up.

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BYU Industrial Design Majors Present Dell “Ultra Mobile” PCs and Mity-Lite Chairs

BYU Industrial Design Majors Present Dell Ultra Mobile PCs and Mity-Lite Chairs » image 2

Brigham Young University industrial design students presented their concepts for a potential line of “ultra mobile” Dell computers on Dec. 17 as part of their final exam for their “studio” class. The machines were meant to be incorporated into users’ everyday lives, the students told their audience, which included two retired Dell managers and current Dell executives listening via conference call.

Designers interviewed bicycle police officers to gather information for a concept aimed at the military, outdoor enthusiasts and others who want to use computers in “hostile environments.” Another team aimed at college students, for whom they conceived a two-screened machine that can open like a book, or rotate into a tablet, and features an on-screen keyboard. Other markets targeted were young adults and creative professionals such as musicians.

BYU Industrial Design Majors Present Dell Ultra Mobile PCs and Mity-Lite Chairs » image 4

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Brandrud’s Cente Patient Chair

Brandruds Cente Patient Chair » image 1

Herman Miller, Inc., announced today a definitive agreement to acquire Brandrud Furniture, Inc., a Seattle-based manufacturer of healthcare furnishings. The transaction is expected to be completed in February 2008, pending the conclusion of due diligence. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

(Pictured above is Brandrud’s Cente Patient Chair, which mechanically assists the patient in sitting or standing.)

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Nissan Forum Minivan

Nissan Forum Minivan » image 9

Nissan company announced that their new Minivan entitled Nissan Forum will be presented at the beginning of 2008 to Detroytskom showroom.

According to the company’s press release , this car is a revolutionary one specially for those who have a bige family .

these cars equipped with the advanced elements such as rotating multipozitsionny second row, “Shear” bezrelsovye door and futuristic information and system.

Nissan Forum Minivan » image 8

See full photos after jump…

12 comments filed    5:15 pm    December 23rd, 2007     posted by : Mehdi    Permalink  
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Vulcania Concept Watch by HD3

Vulcania Concept Watch by HD3 » image 2

A former concept watch called the Vulcania has become flesh and bone. Designed by Fabrice Gonet for the three year old brand HD3 Complication. A trio-collective started by Jorg Hysek where he, Gonet and Valerie Ursenbacher design watches from their wildest imaginations.

The Vulcania name derives from the Jules Verne Steampunk hero, Captain Nemo and the island which was his home port. Like many of his contemporaries, Gonet has deconstructed the watch with its functions in a deeply set three-dimensional display, separating each gauge as a tribute to vintage naval technology both fictional (Nautilus) and fact (Turn-of-the-century mechanical submarines).

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Capri Green Signature Suit For the 17″ MacBook Pro

Capri Green Signature Suit For the 17 MacBook Pro » image 1

The Suit by Case-mate is a form-fit leather wrap designed exclusively for your 17-inch MacBook Pro. These luxurious leather cases flawlessly conform to your laptop while it’s in use or in transit offering the utmost in security and protection. Each Suit is first outfitted with an impact resistant plastic shell and then wrapped in resilient Italian Pebblestone leather. These unique leather cases are strong, stylish and feel great to the touch.

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Hindsight Bicycle Fancy Video System

Hindsight Bicycle Fancy Video System » image 1

The HindSight is composed of a small camera that attaches to the handlebar or the seat post and lets the bicycler see what’s coming behind him or her. If you wonder, the manufacturer says that the system is “unaffected” by (normal?) road vibrations.

this Cervellum Hindsight won’t save you from any poorly timed car door openings, it could keep you from merging into the path of a truck.

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