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Hydro Physio Lifeststyle


Hydro Physio Lifeststyle » image 1

The water-resistant Hydro Physio Lifeststyle treadmill lets you get your jogging done while simultaneously soaking in a hot tub.

The English invention consists of a clear, glass, light-up chamber which allows personal trainers to keep a watchful eye on their clients as they perform their designated exercises. The water level can be adjusted for different exercises to address different muscle groups.

Sweeping glass side panels make the user less enclosed and also give training staff a full view of how the athlete/patient is moving. This helps with the detection and treatment of injuries. Lighting through the water enhances this feature.

Modern styling makes the design free from the stigma of existing white plastic, medical hydro pools. Hydro Physio Lifestyle is a performance improvement tool and is confidently styled to fit within modern interiors.

Variable water heights enable different muscle groups to be worked upon. This feature also makes the unit adaptable to the height and mass of each user.

The Hydro Physio Lifestyle is easy to install in comparison with built in full pool under water equipment. This also means that the product can be made a part of existing circuit training.

Hydro Physio Lifeststyle » image 2
Hydro Physio is excellent for building general fitness. However it can also offer rehabilitation exercise, with easy entry to the equipment, unlike having to climb or be lowered into a pool. By specifying the Lifestyle Rehab model, wheelchair access is provided via the decking ramp.
Hydro Physio Lifeststyle » image 3
Adjustability of water depth, treadmill speed and resistance are fully programmable through the products intuitive touch screen. An optional second screen can be added for the trainer or physiotherapists use. Athlete or patients workout information is downloadable at the end of each program enabling measurability of improvement.Hydro Physio Lifeststyle » image 4

Hydro training as opposed to air based training enables an improvement of strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, range of motion, psychological wellbeing and pain reduction.

Simple adjustment of the water level affects the amount of buoyancy (weight reduction) experienced by the user. Decreasing body weight in a supportive environment is reassuring for users and enables muscles to work and strengthen more easily whilst increasing range of motion.

With buoyancy reducing the weight of the user, load on joints and specific muscular points is decreased. This makes movement less impacting for patients with injuries. Low impact exercise within water can also prevent users gaining an injury.

Overcoming the surface tension of the water creates additional resistance where it’s needed. For additional control of the muscle development, resistance can be altered via resistance jets, these can also be used to lightly massage and soothe tender muscles.

All round visibility greatly enhances the study of a patient or athlete. With movements being slowed down and supported by the resistance of water, physiotherapists and trainers are provided with increased analysis capabilities. The rear door glass allows highly visible ‘gait analysis’.

De-conditioned people often experience painful muscles from initial activity or therapy. These effects are minimized or non-existent in the water. Hoist systems are available, which make therapy for very debilitated patients a possibility at the earliest stage of treatment.

Hydro training has advantages for people across all levels of fitness; it has been shown that water based exercise increases muscular strength with little concussive forces to the joints.

Water works because of its unique physical properties. When exercising on land gravity is the primary resistant force whilst the natural buoyancy of water reduces weight bearing stress, allowing greater range of movement with less strain on muscles, joints and bones whilst improving cardio vascular fitness.

The effects of hydro static pressure can help improve circulation and provide effective treatment for swollen muscles or joints.

Athletes of all levels often experience lower body injuries during land based training, however when training in water these injuries are rare.

The density of water provides an even and fluid resistance, comfortably toning and strengthening muscles more efficiently. Athlete’s core stability can be improved by lower body training in water. This core stability workout can be beneficial to athletes across many sporting disciplines. Resistance jets can be used to increase exercise intensity and improve balance.

Studies show that training time can be reduced by as much as two thirds while still achieving the same results as conventional training. This is a remarkable advantage for those who wish to maximise their training time.


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