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Astone Sit N Joy


Astone Sit N Joy » image 1

This is a New and Great Innovation by Astone.
Sit N Joy is an amphibious battery powered multifunctional inflatable
massage chair designed by Astone Holdings Pty Ltd.
With the multi-function massage pads and stereo speaker built-in for your iPods and MP3s,
you can enjoy a total relaxation on smooth aquatic environments like the swimming pool,
calm lake, ponds or beach and even on hard surface like by the pool-side, camping ground,
garden or in the living room at home.

Astone Sit N Joy » image 4

Product Features:
- Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
- Can be used both indoor and outdoor (swimming pool, calm lake, beach, home and garden)
- Inflatable made of high-grade matt surface PVC, 0.4mm thickness for durability
- Built-in waterproof storage box for small personal belongings; cell phone, keys, money, watch, etc. and MP3 / iPod hook up
- Built-in sand pocket and tent stakes eyelet to secure product to ground
- Built-in 4 vibrating massage pads for muscle relaxation (battery operated)
- Built-in massage controller for choosing different modes, position, strength and timer
- Built-in stereo speakers for music listening
- Built-in waterproof battery compartment
- Built-in drinks holder
- Fast installation, completed within 15 minutes
- Compact and light and very portable
Astone Sit N Joy » image 2
Product Specifications:
- Inflatable: 4 Air chambers for maximum safety and durability
- PVC material: Class K70, 0.4mm thickness
- Size (inflated): 1800(L) x 1130(W) x 980(H) mm
- Maximum loading weight: 100kg / 220lbs
Astone Sit N Joy » image 3
Speakers Specification:
- Dia. 50mm 32 ohm 0.5 Watt Stereo, totally water-proof design
- Speaker plug: Dia. 3.5mm

Storage Box:
Size (volume): 130(L) x 75(W) x 45(H) mm

Massage Module:
- Dry cell battery operated.
- 4 x AA size DC 6V drive (batteries not included)
- Operating current consumption: DC 200mA 1200mW
- Battery life: 2 hours (approximate)
- Water-proof battery compartment with power ON / OFF
- 3 massaging areas
- 8 patterns or sequences
- 3 magnitudes
- 2 time periods settiing and LEDs indicator

What’s In The Box?
- Gift-box size: 580 (L) x 210 (W) x 260 (H) mm
- Massage chair inflatable
- Air pump (manual operated)
- User manual

Weight (battery excluded)
- 6.5 kg


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