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ATH-DWL5000 Digital Wireless Headphone


ATH-DWL5000 Digital Wireless Headphone » image 1


Add profession to your next wireless headphone system, and enjoy the high quality sound. Audio-Technica continues to set the standard in the headphone industry, and now presents ATH-DWL5000, the all new 2007 digital wireless headphone system. Featuring an advanced “Sound Quality-Oriented Design” with a large 53mm driver that produces a powerful bass. With a strong transmission frequency, the sound is harder and cleaner. Designed with a stylish outfit plus comfortable ear-pads allow the headphone to stay longer around the ears and on the head. Available on in Japan.


Headphone section
Type: Open air dynamic type
Driver: phi 53mm, bobbin winding CCAW voice coil
Playback frequency characteristic: 5 - 35,000Hz
Power source: DC2.4V or DC3V
Continuous duty time: 6 hours
Mass: 375g

Transmitter section
Decoder function: Dolby digital /DTS/AAC/ Dolby professional logic II
Modulation technique: DSSS
Transmission frequency zone: 2.4GHz band
Carry-over factor: 30m
-Digital input (rectangular jack) x2 system
-Coaxial digital input (RCA pin jack) x1 system
-LINE input (RCA pin jack L/R) ×1 system
-MULTI input (RCA pin jack FL/FR/FC/SL/SR/LFE) x1 system
-LINE output (RCA pin jack L/R) x1 system
-Optical digital through output (rectangular jack) x1 system
Power source: DC9V
Size: H49 x W220 x D137mm
Mass: 465g


Headphone stand, charger and charge type nickel hydrogen electric battery x2,remote control, single 4 shape dry cell battery x2, AC adapter and optical digital cable (rectangularity 1.5m)


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